Summary of precautions for maintenance of the hott

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Summary of precautions for the maintenance of constant temperature and humidity box of adhesive tape

summary of precautions for the maintenance of constant temperature and humidity box of adhesive tape

summary of precautions for the maintenance of constant temperature and humidity box of adhesive tape. In order to safely and reliably eliminate machine faults, there are many places that need to be paid attention to when using. The technician of Haida below sorted out some relevant maintenance precautions for you:

1 Precautions for handling the constant temperature and humidity test chamber:

1) the reciprocating compressor is used to handle the tilt angle of the state. The sensor of Jinan experimental machine factory is a device or assembly that converts the perceived physical, chemical, biological and other information into information that is easy to detect and process and has independent functions It usually consists of two parts: sensing element and processing circuit The former performs the sensing function, while the latter amplifies and transmits the information output by the sensing element According to different functions, sensors can be divided into temperature sensors, optical sensors, pressure sensors, magnetic sensors, gas sensors, humidity sensors, ray sensors, etc Tiger Xiaoxia 45. Otherwise, the refrigerant lubricating oil in the compressor will flow into the low-pressure chamber from the return pipe. At this time, it is the power supply position of the compressor when it is running

2) when the refrigerant oil stick is sucked into the cylinder, because the compression ratio in the cylinder is set as per the gas volume, and the liquid is not easy to be compressed, it will lead to the rapid increase of the compressor load and bring harm to the compressor; At the same time, refrigerant oil may also enter the condenser with refrigerant

3) when entering the finer capillary through the drying filter, the capillary will be blocked to form an oil blockage fault

2. Precautions for maintenance site:

1) the maintenance site should be flat, spacious and well ventilated. There should be no open fire when discharging and filling refrigerant for the equipment

2) when the concentration of refrigerant R12 in the air, which promotes the development of electric vehicles, is too high, it will cause suffocation, and it is prone to fire in case of open fire

3) when the concentration of R134a in the air reaches a certain value, it will irritate people's skin and eyes. When the concentration of R600a in the air reaches a certain value, it is easy to explode or burn in case of open fire. Higher requirements on the stability of coordination

3. Precautions for the placement of equipment and devices:

① for qualified maintenance departments, acetylene (or liquefied petroleum gas) cylinders and oxygen cylinders should be placed separately, and the distance between them should be more than 3m

② the refrigerant cylinder should be placed upright

③ normal compressors should be placed in the right position, and the pipe orifice should be blocked to prevent dirt from entering. For the damaged R600a compressor, its nozzle should be welded and sealed before placing, so as to avoid the consequences of fire caused by the residual refrigerant inside it

④ the package can only be opened when the drying filter is used

4. Precautions for repairing the box:

do not burn or scratch the box and inner liner when repairing the equipment box. Therefore, when gas welding the evaporator, it is best to place an iron plate on the inner tank for heat insulation

5. Precautions for electrical system maintenance:

1) because the electrical system uses 380V voltage for power supply, the power cord must be unplugged before disassembling the device of the electrical system to avoid electric shock. When disassembling devices, you must remember the location of each color line. When replacing multi pin devices, it is best to disassemble and install them at the same time, that is, unplug a wire from the old device and install it on the same end of the new device of the same model

2) the ground wire should not be inserted incorrectly. Generally speaking, the yellow green double color wire is the ground wire, and the pin connected with the metal shell is the grounding terminal

constant temperature of adhesive tape is better than making a car behind closed doors to produce a summary of intelligent spark wet box maintenance precautions. The above are some maintenance precautions that often appear in the equipment. When operators encounter similar problems, they can apply the right medicine to the case, be familiar with the equipment structure, and believe that all problems will be solved. For more questions about the test chamber, please call Haida instrument

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