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Southwest Futures: the government's rescue plan stimulated the rebound in oil prices

as the comprehensive rescue plan of the U.S. government helped stabilize the troubled financial market, affected by this news, U.S. crude oil futures rebounded strongly on Friday, rising for the third consecutive day. In October, the settlement price of crude oil futures closed more relaxed, with a high of $6.67 to $104.55 a barrel, an increase of 6.81%. London Brent crude oil futures in November closed up $4.42, or 4.64%, to $99.61, with an intraday trading range of 94 50 dollars. Affected by the overnight rise in crude oil prices, Singapore and domestic fuel rebounded at the same time, and with great strength. Today, Shanghai fuel jumped. The company hoped to open higher after adding graphene nano materials. It fell back during the session, but the closing price returned to a high level near noon, with an increase of 4.83% as of noon. What the international market is most concerned about this week is waiting for Congress to pass the Bush administration 7000 to connect with ordinary policyholders. The result is to judge and deal with the $billion rescue plan. Once passed, it will be good news for the entire financial market. Today, the trend of fuel oil in Shanghai has broken through the 10 day moving average, but it remains to be seen whether it will completely reverse the adjustment pattern of nearly three months. Suggestion: wait and see for a better opportunity to enter the site

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