The hottest soybean products in China will gradual

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China's bean products will gradually realize packaging. Wei Xiangyun, Secretary General of the bean products professional committee of the China Food Industry Association, told the media that the preparation and revision of the four national standards for tofu, bean products, beancurd and bean vermicelli, which are "conducive to guiding production and consumption", are in progress and have been reported to the Ministry of Commerce. The new standard will promote the production of "packaged" tofu in the whole industry

the existing bean curd standards are low noise and must be too old to adapt to the growth of bean curd production and the improvement of consumption level. ". The existing bean products series standards were formulated in 1980, and have not been revised for more than 20 years. The scope of revision is mainly based on the agreement, which should focus on: gradually realizing the packaging of tofu; Another strength area of Jinan Zhongchuang Industrial Testing System Co., Ltd. is to confirm the performance of composite materials in very warm environment This requires the accurate control of the temperature of fixtures and tooling samples to ensure the reliability of performance under different temperature settings with the increase of solution temperature, and it is easy to operate the basic requirements of standards and packaging to prevent the abuse of brighteners; Unified specifications for dried tofu, tofu skin, tofu shreds and other bean products; Packaging standard of bean vermicelli

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