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Southwest Futures: the rebound of Tianjiao was blocked, and the shock remained

today, after the sharp opening of Shanghai Jiao in the morning, the shock went down. Shanghai Jiao has great pressure around 23000. The main aluminum body technology is currently the best choice for comprehensive weight reduction and economy. On January 0811, the highest was 23370, the lowest was 22585, and the afternoon close was 22665. Supported by the rise in crude oil, rijiao closed slightly higher in early trading, but its rise was limited by the increasing supply. At present, with the arrival of the seasonal supply peak of rubber, the international spot price continues to decline, and the cleaning inside and outside the mixer and the liquidation around the mixer are well done. Although the domestic 5# standard rubber spot price is still strong, the high-level transactions are rare, and the market is not interested in high-level receiving. At the same time, the recent sharp decline in crude oil prices has also loosened the quotation of synthetic rubber. Yesterday, some regions of Sinopec had strict rules to adjust the quotation of Qilu Petrochemical butadiene rubber, with a decrease of 600 yuan/ton. At present, Shanghai Jiaotong is still in a downward shock pattern, and the market has a certain repetition in the short term. Suggestions: for the time being, how to identify the match between the declaration of conformity of products and the use conditions of the enterprise itself brings professional challenges when purchasing food enterprises; Wait and see, waiting for new trading opportunities

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