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Southwest Futures: Shanghai Rubber fell by the limit, and the future market was short

at present, the rubber (information, market) market is mainly affected by the global economy, and its own fundamental conditions are temporarily ignored. Yesterday, the US Treasury Department announced that it would inject 250billion US dollars into banks, but the confidence of the market could not be boosted. Crude oil fell below 80 US dollars again. Japanese rubber fell again today, falling below 180 yen, a new low in the past two years, dragged down by the decline of crude oil and the sharp decline of Japanese stock market; Shanghai rubber market fell by the limit in the morning. Due to the recent rapid decline of Tianjiao, market confidence was seriously frustrated and there was insufficient buying. Basically, the international high-performance composite polyurethane adhesive, which can adapt to different environments and performance requirements, has been widely used in ink printing, household appliances, building materials, transportation and transportation, new energy, safety protection and other emerging fields. The spot price continues to decline. At present, the quoted price of Thai glue has fallen below 60 baht, and the Indonesian glue has fallen below 2000 US dollars. At present, in the context of the global economic slowdown and the reduction of rubber procurement in downstream industries, the rubber is late. 4. Please make sure that the grounding mark of the mortar tensile testing machine is grounded. There are also fault self diagnosis functions and man-machine dialogue functions

in terms of operation, it is recommended that short sellers continue to hold in the early stage, and wait for short selling opportunities if there are no short orders

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