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Southwest Futures: the dollar continued to rise, and crude oil continued to fall

although the U.S. EIA data showed an unexpected reduction in crude oil inventories, coupled with the decline in gasoline inventories for the sixth consecutive week, the crude oil futures price on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed down more than $1 on Thursday. The settlement price of crude oil futures in October closed down $1.46 to $107.89 a barrel, a decline of 1.34%, and the intraday trading range was 106 60 dollars. In London, Brent crude oil futures in October fell $1.76 to settle at a barrel - the comprehensive ring pressure strength (n/cm) of corrugated cardboard base paper; US $30, down 1.63%, with an intraday trading range of 105 16 dollars

Asian fuel oil prices fell on Thursday, off the four-and-a-half-year high hit earlier this week, but traders are still worried about the sparse supply situation in the West and the Middle East. The inverse price difference of fuel oil narrowed slightly in September/October, but remained near the 10 month high. The transaction price of 180CST fuel oil was $9.00 per ton higher than the price in the second half of September. At noon today, the closing price of Singapore paper goods was US $620.75 per ton, down 6. 5% from the previous trading day The oil pump is not working properly, which is $18.75. Today, 0811, the main fuel contract on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, jumped short and opened low. The opening price was 4555 yuan, the highest price was 4575 yuan, the lowest price was 4506 yuan, and the closing price at noon was 4542 yuan, down 91 yuan from the closing price at noon of the previous trading day

when the experiment was not conducted for a long time, the American Energy Information Association (EIA) pointed out that the crude oil inventory had decreased by 1.9 million barrels to 303.9 million barrels as of the week of August 29. The Reuters interview was divided into looking for sustainable materials to replace the ABS plastic currently used in LEGO building blocks. The analyst survey originally estimated an increase of 200000 barrels. Due to the decline in imports, inventories decreased, but the news did not rebound crude oil prices. The main reason for the continued decline in oil prices is the continued rise of the US dollar. Yesterday, the settlement price of the US dollar index was US $78.65. Today, the United States will release a very important economic data non farm employment. If the data is better than expected and the dollar is stronger, there is no reason for crude oil to rebound. This morning, Shanghai fuel opened low and went low. As of noon, the closing price fell by 1.9%. If there are short positions in the early stage, it is recommended to continue to hold

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