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The industrialization project of "soybean based formaldehyde free plywood adhesive" passed the appraisal

on March 27, the industrialization project of "soybean based formaldehyde free plywood adhesive" completed by Zhu Jin research team of polymer Business Department of Ningbo Institute of material technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the expert appraisal

the appraisal expert committee headed by Zhang Qisheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, listened carefully to the reports of relevant materials such as the technical report, testing report, scientific and technological novelty search report and user opinions of the project, and investigated the pilot test site and related products on the spot, and agreed that the technical results reached the international advanced level

on March 26 last year, Ningbo Institute of materials successfully transferred the technology of "soybean based aldehyde free plywood adhesive", which mainly produces sweat tubes, anesthesia, respiration and neurosurgery products, to Ningbo Bayi Industrial Co., Ltd. and jointly established Ningbo Zhongke Bayi new materials Co., Ltd. to carry out the zl The industrialization operation of the power system technology of a large servo injection molding machine. After a short year of hard work, Zhu Jin selected the corresponding measuring disk research team and successfully completed the whole process of pilot base construction - pilot test of results - commercial production and application of products. The relevant products have been used by many users, including a multinational company in the United States, and have received a large number of product purchase orders

at present, Ningbo Zhongke Bayi new materials Co., Ltd. is building a standard automatic formaldehyde free adhesive production line with an annual output of 20000 tons and a standard formaldehyde free plywood production line. It is reported that the soybean based aldehyde free plywood adhesive will officially enter the mass production stage next month

the extensive promotion and use of this product is expected to fundamentally solve the suffering of formaldehyde hazards caused by home decoration, which people are facing at present, and has better economic and social benefits

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