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Southwest Futures: Shanghai Jiao long and short competition, temporary wait-and-see

the continuous loss of investor confidence led to the sharp rise of the US dollar. The US dollar once touched us $86. The sharp rise of the US dollar will drag down the crude oil, causing the paper universal experimental machine to vibrate and fall. Last night, the crude oil fell below US $70, a new low in 16 months. Affected by the sharp decline of crude oil and the appreciation of the yen, the Japanese glue fell sharply in early trading, and the Japanese glue approached the previous low again. Influenced by the peripheral market, the Shanghai rubber market opened with the limit. It was once opened in the session, but it fell again close to the limit near noon. At present, Shanghai rubber is close to the 12000 integer level and the low point in the early stage. Shanghai rubber has a certain fight here, and there are large fluctuations in the session. At the same time, it should be noted that the price of Shanghai rubber has been suitable for rapid and nondestructive qualification inspection of seamless steel tubes, falling to a new low in recent three years. We need to pay close attention to whether the previous low can be effectively broken through. In terms of fundamentals, due to the recent excessive decline in raw rubber, foreign quotations for China have been suspended, and the domestic spot price is relatively strong, which forms a certain support for the future rubber. Therefore, in terms of operation, it is suggested to wait and see for new opportunities

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