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"Science and technology model" helps in the new era of waste classification and rule of law - the 22nd high tech fair building science and Technology Innovation Exhibition advocates urban green and clean life

"science and technology model" helps in the new era of waste classification and rule of law - the 22nd high tech fair building science and Technology Innovation Exhibition advocates urban green and clean life, paint,

"science and technology model" helps in the new era of waste classification and rule of law - the 22nd high tech fair building science and Technology Innovation Exhibition advocates green and clean urban life

September 15, 2020

on September 1, 2020, the Shenzhen Municipal Regulations on the administration of domestic waste classification officially came into force, announcing that Shenzhen's waste classification has entered the era of rule of law. On the third day of the implementation of the regulations, the Shenzhen Urban Management Department carried out a full coverage inspection of more than 3500 residential districts in the city, inspected 4037 garbage classification points, found 1072 problems, inspected 321 garbage collection and transportation vehicles, inspected 61 garbage treatment enterprises, and issued more than 1000 "Notice of rectification order". This is a sign of the strength and determination of the city's domestic garbage rectification

at the same time, Shenzhen also has practical meaning for users, focusing on the high-risk areas, further implementing the garbage classification and release management system, strengthening the management and maintenance of facilities, ensuring that the classification facilities and equipment have good functions, are placed reasonably and orderly, the signs are clear and eye-catching, and the environment of the release point is clean and tidy, creating good conditions for residents to participate in garbage classification. So far, there are laws to follow and enforce, and it is of milestone significance to open a green and clean city in Shenzhen

of course, mandatory garbage classification according to law has also been launched in major cities across the country. Recall that Shanghai was an early water testing city a year ago, for a time, topics such as "how to classify dry and wet garbage" and "what kind of garbage I am" caused heated discussion across the country. With the increasing popularity of residents' knowledge of waste classification and delivery and the change of environmental protection concepts, the results are also very remarkable, which has contributed a lot to the development of a green and clean city in Shanghai

as an immigrant city with an actual management population of more than 22million, it is obvious that the situation in Shenzhen is different from that in Shanghai. It is reasonable to take measures according to local conditions and time. Shenzhen, also known as the "city of green construction" and "city of innovation", is also pushing forward the innovation and development of our green building science and technology in the process of continuously promoting the legalization of domestic waste classification and treatment

at the 22nd high tech fair to be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center this year, we will see a large number of green environmental protection units or enterprises, with a number of green innovation and environmental protection new products on the stage, which will surprise us to create a green, beautiful and healthy life faster and better. For example, at the Construction Technology Innovation Exhibition of this high tech fair, products and technologies such as kitchen waste treatment equipment, classified garbage cans, intelligent garbage cans, automatic garbage transportation system, etc. brought by a number of green innovation technology enterprises such as xiangteng technology, Zhentian biological environmental protection, Panasonic environment, as well as kitchen waste treatment equipment brought by xinbaoying at the energy conservation and environmental protection exhibition and new energy exhibition of this high tech fair Products such as food purifiers and the internationally recognized most advanced hazardous solid waste treatment technology - "Herong" plasma gasification and melting technology, which is vigorously developed by China Guanghe group, will greatly improve and permanently change our living concepts and habits, remove bad habits, and contribute to our common protection of the fragile and unbalanced green and healthy ecology of the earth

as the "industry weathervane", "technology weathervane" and "innovation weathervane", it plays a role in integrating industry resources, guiding the healthy development of the industry, and cultivating the concept of green consumption in the new era. Known as "the first exhibition of China's science and technology", the 22nd construction science and Technology Innovation Exhibition of the high tech Fair will also live up to expectations, earnestly implement its mission, and bring new surprises to our green, healthy and beautiful life in the future

green science and technology innovation and famous enterprises made a concentrated appearance, advocating a green and clean life in the city

· totem technology | building technology innovation exhibition booth number: 2g69

totem technology focuses on the technological innovation of intelligent and environmental friendly household products. With the product concept of "technology (3) smart manufacturing of flexible smart materials and wearable equipment, enjoying life", the management and R & D team has successfully developed smart home products and environmental protection technology systems based on nearly 20 years of experience in the home industry, and assisted China's "smart smart manufacturing" through technological empowerment and operations at home and abroad; Plan the whole industrial chain layout from product design and R & D, technology innovation, product sales to system integration

totem technology has successfully developed environmental friendly smart home series products such as smart induction trash cans, as well as "hyperlink automatic waste recycled system" smart environmental friendly urban community waste classification and recycling system. Combine modern science and technology with the concept of environmental protection, and make great contributions to the establishment of a smart, green and environmentally friendly city with socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics

figure: intelligent waste classification equipment

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