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The "No. 18 document" of the 12th Five Year Plan of the science and technology industry has changed into the Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, which has just concluded, adding more imagination to the 12th Five Year Plan of the science and technology industry

in addition to accelerating the construction of an innovative country and enhancing the ability of scientific and technological innovation, which were highlighted in the communique adopted at the plenary meeting, Li Yizhong, Minister of industry and information technology, also stressed that the deepening application of high and new technologies such as information technology and advanced applicable technologies has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries when looking forward to the 12th Five Year Plan. The State Council issued a decision to accelerate the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, including the new generation of information technology industry

(technology industry) the formulation of the 12th Five Year Plan has been basically completed, and generally speaking, there will be no major changes. On October 19, Zhang Tao, vice president and research director of CCID Consulting, revealed that the follow-up policies of the original document No. 18 (several policies to encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit industry), which has attracted the attention of the industry, will be integrated into the 12th Five Year Plan, and more preferential policies will be used in more innovative industries to promote the development of more innovative industries in China. As a subordinate unit of the Ministry of industry and information technology, CCID partially participated in the formulation of the 12th Five Year Plan

Zhang Tao said that since its launch in 2000, document 18 has completed its historical mission and promoted the development of China's integrated circuit and software industry. Taking the software industry as an example, it has maintained an average annual rapid growth of 38% in the past decade, which is called the golden decade of software industry development by the industry

in fact, the relevant national departments have been studying and formulating the follow-up policies of Document No. 18. Zhang Tao said: the new No. 18 document has been being formulated, hoping to promote the development of strategic emerging industries through new policies

the historical mission of the new No. 18 document is not only to bring the next golden decade to the software industry, but also to bring a golden decade to more strategic emerging industries, so that China can complete the transformation from an industrial power to an industrial power

according to Zhang Tao, the 12th Five year plan includes standard formulation, special fund support, preferential tax policies, talent training and other aspects. The print details with experimental data need to wait for the final official document to be issued, which is not yet available for disclosure

according to the original document No. 18 issued in 2000, software enterprises and integrated circuit enterprises, after being recognized, will enjoy the preferential policy of two exemption and three halving of enterprise income tax from the profit-making year (the income tax will be halved in the first three years after the exemption in the first two years)

opportunities for the 12th Five Year Plan of the science and technology industry

in addition to preferential policies that will benefit more strategic emerging industries, the science and technology industry also has more development subtext during the 12th Five Year Plan period, which is an important stage of seeking to change the mode of economic growth and the construction of an innovative country

Li Yizhong said that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's key strategic emerging industries include energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, information network, and high-end equipment manufacturing

in the new generation of information technology industry, the emergence of hot new scientific and technological terms such as new generation mobile communication, next generation interconnection, three convergence, IOT, cloud computing, etc., provides a footnote for China to catch up with and surpass the advanced level of the global science and technology industry

the prophet of spring river duck. In fact, many places seem to have foreseen the opportunities brought by the 12th Five Year Plan in advance. For example, many places and cities regard IOT and cloud computing as key development industries. For example, the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology has established a cloud computing public service platform in Beijing. In addition, many cities, including Tianjin and coastal developed areas, have similar plans

Zhang Tao said: cloud computing and IOT will become the most important sub items in strategic emerging industries

enterprises' watch

enterprises are the most eager to watch the 12th Five Year Plan. Zuo Baichen, director of the brand promotion center of Inspur Group, said: national policy support is on the one hand, enterprises should take the initiative to become the main body of innovation

Zuo Baichen said that Langchao's China Cloud Computing Center has reference significance for the country to support enterprise innovation. According to him, the supporting fund of the Ministry of science and technology is 270Million yuan, and the Shandong provincial government has invested 150million yuan, with a total supporting fund of 420million yuan. But more importantly, Inspur has invested more than 700million yuan in its own funds, with a total investment of more than 1.1 billion yuan. With its own investment funds, the initiative and enthusiasm of the enterprise will be mobilized

only with the guidance of national funds and the participation of enterprises, can we make the most efficient use of funds. Zuo Baichen revealed that the Inspur cloud computing server prototype will be launched at the end of the year. Driven by this project, Inspur has also independently developed cloud computing operating system and cloud computing security products, so Inspur has the ability to provide cloud computing solutions

in addition to financial support, Zuo Baichen believes that the support of market access is more important, that is, to allow national innovative products to have a market and undergo the test of the market, so as to truly become innovative products, which will drive the demand for plastic pipes, wallboards and other extruded products. He suggested that when purchasing, the government should give priority to the purchase of national independent innovative products at the same price and quality

however, some local government procurement has a discriminatory attitude towards products independently developed and innovated by the state. Zuo Baichen said. According to him, the state is formulating a set of procurement goals for independent innovation products. Enterprises entering the independent innovation procurement catalogue can obtain priority procurement under the same circumstances. When these enterprises have orders and hematopoietic function, they do not need government financial support

IOT and cloud computing will be the focus of Digital China's development. On October 19, Guo Wei, chairman and CEO of the board of directors of Digital China and member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, said in an interview with this newspaper that, for example, digital China's digital city plan. In addition, digital China will launch various cloud computing solutions for different industries

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