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The scientific and technological achievements of Guangzhou Metro Line 2 have passed the appraisal to go out of Zhejiang and abroad

Guangzhou Metro Line 2 has recently passed the appraisal committee composed of 5 academicians of the Academy of engineering and 11 well-known experts, and has become the preferred scientific and technological achievements appraisal for the lightweight design of many structural utilization components

Guangzhou Metro Line 2, as the first Metro localization project after the introduction of the national urban rail transit localization policy, has achieved a comprehensive localization rate of 71.4% of electromechanical equipment, and has achieved five "firsts" in China: the first metro platform screen door system, the first automatic fare collection system with all contactless IC card, the first Metro centralized cooling system, and the first overhead rigid suspension contact system, The first one uses domestic type a vehicles

the estimated investment of Guangzhou Metro Line 2 is 9.3 billion yuan, and the average cost per kilometer is controlled at 500 million yuan, which is significantly lower than the approved design estimate of 10.608 billion yuan. Compared with line 1 with the same caliber, the cost of electromechanical equipment is 52.59% lower than that of line 1

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