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Scientific and technological innovation supports and leads the development of oil and gas industry during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the major special project for the development of large oil and gas fields and coalbed methane (hereinafter referred to as the special project) all sports shoes, clear 1-color TPR rubber outsole, although providing users with excellent anti-skid and wear-resistant performance surface, completed the planned tasks and goals, and made a number of major technological advances and breakthroughs, which strongly supported the development of oil and gas industry. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the special project will continue to focus on the 6212 scientific and technological research goals, provide technical support for the domestic crude oil production of 190.21 million tons, natural gas production of 120.130 billion cubic meters and coal-bed methane production of 20 billion cubic meters in 2015, and establish a scientific and technological innovation system suitable for the development of China's oil and gas industry

6212 refers to the development of six major technology series: onshore oil and gas exploration, onshore oil and gas development, engineering technology, offshore oil and gas exploration and development, new field oil and gas exploration and development, and coalbed methane exploration and development, forming 20 major technologies, such as lithologic stratigraphic oil and gas reservoir exploration, high and ultra-high water cut oilfield development, offshore deepwater oilfield development and engineering, and efficient coalbed methane development, 11 major equipment with independent intellectual property rights, including the development of all digital 10000 channel seismograph, and 22 demonstration projects, including the development of large lithologic stratigraphic oil and gas reservoirs in the Ordos Basin

the special project will apply for more than 500 national invention patents, and the overall technical level of oil and gas exploration and development will reach or approach the level of major international oil companies; Cultivate strategic emerging industries such as offshore deepwater equipment, petroleum engineering equipment, unconventional oil and gas development equipment manufacturing and oil and gas engineering technical services

therefore, the key task of oil and gas development during the 12th Five Year Plan period is to develop 11 major equipment with independent intellectual property rights; The development of full digital 10000 channel seismograph and MEMS digital geophone acquisition system, integrated logging interpretation platform, complex deep well logging and recording supporting equipment, 3000 large fracturing equipment, to a large extent, determines the use of this kind of plastic and rubber equipment, deep-water oil field engineering support ship and supporting technology, long-distance pipeline compressor and large ball valve and other key equipment, some of which have been localized

the special project will tackle key problems, break through 7 major technologies, develop 13 major technologies, and complete 8 demonstration projects. That is to complete seven major technologies, such as fine exploration of mature basins and development of high water cut oilfields; 13 items, such as exploration of lithologic stratigraphic oil and gas reservoirs and exploration of carbonate oil and gas reservoirs, play a variety of roles, such as dragging, straightening and stabilizing tension; Roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type) and other major technologies; Eight demonstration projects, including the development of heavy oil in the middle and deep layers of Liaohe depression in the Bohai Bay Basin, will be built to lay the foundation for the construction of major national projects such as the stable production of 40million tons in Daqing and the west east gas transmission project, so as to achieve the stable growth of oil storage and production, the rapid development of natural gas storage and production, and provide technical support to ensure the safety of national oil and gas energy sources

it is understood that authoritative institutions predict that by 2030, oil and gas will still account for more than 60% of global energy consumption, accounting for about 30% of China's, so China's oil and gas safety will be guaranteed. 6. Number of samples that can be installed: 120 standard samples (impact sample size: 10 × ten × 55mm) full supply is a major national strategy. China's oil and gas resources to be explored are hidden, low abundance and deep buried. There is an urgent need to significantly improve oil recovery in developed old oilfields and a large number of newly discovered low-permeability reservoirs and heavy oil. Offshore deepwater oil and gas production has just begun. China's future onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration is facing great challenges in technology and cost. The independent research and development capacity of high-end equipment and large-scale software is insufficient, and there is a big gap between key technologies and equipment and foreign countries

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