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As one of the important activities of the science and Technology Expo, the 2015 domestic testing instruments and equipment verification and comprehensive evaluation technical service promotion conference was held in Beijing on May 14. More than 200 relevant experts and representatives from domestic testing instrument and equipment industry and testing institutions analyzed and interpreted the industry situation and relevant policies, introduced successful cases and experiences of technical verification, and promoted the exchange and negotiation between domestic testing instrument and equipment manufacturers and evaluation institutions

at the meeting, the service signing ceremony was held on the instrument and equipment verification and comprehensive evaluation service platform of professional manufacturers of domestic testing company, and five new members of enterprises and laboratories were included. Reifenhuser of Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology believes that it will take six years. Beijing entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the capital science and technology conditions platform testing and certification field center, together with a number of enterprises and laboratories, will jointly build the platform, aiming to promote the transformation of domestic testing instruments and equipment achievements, enhance the independent innovation ability of domestic instrument and equipment manufacturers, and cooperate to create a domestic quarantine and inspection equipment verification and comprehensive evaluation service system, Create a fast track for the accelerated development of domestic testing equipment

Zheng Huanmin, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, introduced at the meeting: "From the market side, China's instrument industry lacks some necessary support and service platforms in product verification, quality improvement and promotion, especially in the composition and orderly combination of instrument and equipment and the testing method system of testing institutions. Therefore, we have established a domestic testing instrument and equipment verification and comprehensive evaluation system since 2013, and the effect is very good. The market sales of some instrument products participating in this plan have greatly improved Increase. "

"In the next step, we hope to do three sorts. The first is to sort out the instrument enterprises and their products, and encourage enterprises to actively declare the instruments to be developed. We classify these instruments in an orderly manner, and arrange them according to the needs of the enterprise's main business and market expansion. The second is to sort out the needs of the testing institutions for the instruments and their own resources through the 1-series transmission head structure and the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measurement installation It is required to sort out the demand for instruments and equipment from the needs of the market and the technical support of key testing, so as to form a traction for instrument and equipment manufacturers. Third, using more than 500 key laboratories of the capital condition technology platform, on the basis of the first two works, sort out the ability of high-end equipment resources to provide instrument detection and verification services. These three directories are coordinated and launched in an all-round way. " Zheng Huanmin was full of confidence. "I think this platform plan is not only for enterprises in Beijing, Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, and even domestic instruments and equipment all over the country. It can be tested: 5 100x100x50mm to get services through our platform."

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