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Scientific and technological innovation, Yanyang first

scientific and technological innovation, Yanyang first

-- Yanyang & Huakong product application seminar

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Shanghai, China/October 14, 2004 - Yanyang technology jointly held a seminar entitled" scientific and technological innovation, Yanyang first - Yanyang & Huakong product application "with Harbin Huakong in hall 2 of the grand ballroom of Harbin Singapore Hotel on October 14 。 This symposium attracted nearly 200 users from different industries, which was unprecedented, and also brought a complete end to Yanyang's market activities in 2004

first of all, Mr. Li Yingzhen, general manager of Yanyang China, delivered the opening speech, and then Mr. Yan zhizhan, deputy general manager of Yanyang China, enthusiastically introduced Yanyang's growth process, China's layout, etc. to the guests, especially from the perspective of product positioning strategy, introduced Yanyang's three product lines and their products and industry applications. Later, Mr. Li Yingzhen elaborated on Yanyang's business strategy in China: the concept of multi headquarters, the integration strategy of distribution and value-added, in-depth distribution in secondary cities, creative marketing, localized talent strategy, Yanyang culture and education foundation, so as to promote comprehensive customer orientation, vigorously expand the Chinese market, and enhance the popularity of Yanyang technology in Chinese Mainland

Taipei also sent two senior product managers to share with you the three major product lines of Yanyang: we should also pay attention to the limited compliance of additives and raw material initiators and monomers used in products with limited requirements. The successful application cases of embedded product series, tablet computer series and industrial computer series in the fields of electric power, railway, power plant, petroleum, factory automation and so on. In 2005, in order to meet the needs of the market, Yanyang specially launched five series of products: military apc-8122 series, fanless aop-8060 series, economical awk-3501 series, mini embedded aec-68xx series 3, transmission speed: and high brightness industrial display flat panel APD series. In the embedded motherboard series, Yanyang will provide high-efficiency, fan free, low-power motherboards, and actively plan lead-free and RoHS compliant products. So many products are available for our users to choose

the scene also prepared a wealth of dynamic and static physical displays, and staff provided professional technical answers to products of interest to customers. The atmosphere was very harmonious, and the enthusiasm of customers was far beyond expectations. We believe that this success represents a successful past and a brilliant future. Let's wait and see Yanyang achieve greater success in the upper part of the fuselage in the coming year

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about Yanyang

Yanyang Technology Group (aaeon) is a listed industrial computer company in Taiwan (stock code) , founded in 1986, the company mainly focuses on the design, development and manufacturing of calculator platform. In 1992, it was renamed Yanyang Technology Co., Ltd. and officially issued on the Taiwan OTC market in 1999. At present, the production lines include embedded single board computers, passive backplanes, LCD flat-panel computers, industrial computers, industrial chassis, integrated workstations, industrial LCD displays, firewalls, etc

Yanyang Technology Group has branches or offices in global markets such as the United States and Europe. In 2003, in response to the needs of the mainland market, it successively set up branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, and invested US $12million in Suzhou Industrial Park to build a production base with a total area of 17000 square feet, aiming to provide customers in the mainland with the best service and the most perfect products! The performance is usually not as good as the original. Whether it is the past, the present or the future, Yanyang is an embedded system expert and the best partner when choosing industrial control products

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