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China's first domestic fully mechanized mining equipment to achieve intelligent mining information Meifangyi, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Huangling mining company of Shaanxi coal and chemical industry group, said, "the coal reserves of thin coal seams account for 32.15% of the total coal reserves of the whole mine. Therefore, we have carried out intelligent transformation of No. 1 coal mine and achieved a lot."

at present, Huangling mining company has taken the lead in applying intelligent unmanned mining technology in 1001 fully mechanized face of No. 1 coal mine. This technical achievement comes from the "unmanned technology research and application of domestic fully mechanized mining equipment in 1.4m ~ 2.2m coal seams" project led by Huangling mining company

the length of 1001 fully mechanized face in No. 1 coal mine is 235 meters, the mining height is 1.1 meters to 2.3 meters, and the recoverable reserves are 1.07 million tons. The geological conditions of the mine are complex, and the thickness of the coal seams at the side of the air intake channel is extremely uneven. The thickness of the coal seams within about 500m ranges from 1.1m to 1.6m

it is reported that many problems were encountered during the installation and commissioning of 1001 fully mechanized mining face. For example, in the process of automatic memory cutting, the cable of the shearer is constantly turned back. In conclusion, the cable is frequently out of groove, which affects the highly accurate distribution and control of the glass fiber in the automatic coal mining operation

in order to make the intelligent working face put into use smoothly, fanjingdao, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Huangling mining company, asked the company to concentrate the wisdom of cadres and the masses, cooperate with equipment manufacturers to tackle key scientific and technological problems, strengthen equipment installation and commissioning, give full play to the efficiency of fully mechanized mining supporting equipment, and strive to build 1001 fully mechanized mining face into an internationally leading intelligent unmanned mining face in a short time. According to the requirements, No. 1 coal mine organized technicians to improve the intelligent working face, achieved 12 innovative achievements and solved 66 difficult problems


1001 fully mechanized mining face has realized the remote control of the ground control room since it was officially put into use in March this year. Through the ground dispatching room and the underground trough monitoring center, the coal mining machine, hydraulic support, pump station and other equipment in the working face can be remotely controlled, monitored, data uploaded, fault diagnosed, etc., and the fully automatic control and "one key" start and stop of the working face and trough equipment by the ground dispatching room and the trough monitoring center are realized. As a result, No. 1 coal mine has realized the linkage control of the transfer machine self movement and hydraulic support, intelligent mining height adjustment, oblique cutting feed, continuous propulsion, etc

Mei Fangyi said that at present, 1001 fully mechanized mining face has established an automatic production mode of "memory coal cutting by shearer, supplemented by manual remote intervention; hydraulic support and mobility as the main, supplemented by manual remote intervention; centralized automatic control of fully mechanized mining transportation equipment as the main, supplemented by manual remote control", which truly achieves the goal of "no one following the machine, with someone on safe watch", and achieves the purpose of reducing personnel and improving efficiency

it is reported that the 1001 fully mechanized mining face was jointly operated by 11 people (3 coal machine drivers, 5 support workers, 1 transport machine driver, 1 electrician and 1 pump station driver) and reduced to the current 3 people (1 inspector and 2 monitoring center operators) for random supervision

"since the operation of 1001 fully mechanized mining face in No. 1 coal mine, some people have reported that it is not a bad thing that the coal miners do not go down the shaft during working hours. It was unimaginable that the coal miners could extract the coal from the shaft dispatching room ten years ago." Mei Fangyi said

Mei Fangyi said that the complete production system of 1001 fully mechanized mining face has realized the normal unmanned, changed the workers' operation mode and improved the workers' working environment, which is of great significance to improve production efficiency, reduce workers' labor intensity, reduce occupational hazards and strengthen on-site safety management

at present, the 1001 fully mechanized coal face has set a record of nine and a half knives per day, with an annual coal output of 2million tons. Moreover, compared with the 2013 edition of the catalogue of key products and services of strategic emerging industries, compared with imported equipment, the fully mechanized mining equipment automation system alone can save nearly 30million yuan in costs and 5.25 million yuan in labor costs each year

it is reported that Huangling mining company has begun to study the application of intelligent mining technology in thick coal seams, and further expand the application scope of intelligent mining technology in the mine

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