The first shallow well drilling rig equipped with

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The first hydraulic top drive of shallow well drilling rig equipped with PLC control system was born in China recently, dq20y1 hydraulic top drive developed by the petroleum machinery plant of North China equipment manufacturing division was tested and used successfully. The APEC meeting has limited impact on the price of Tangshan domestic mines. This is the first hydraulic top drive device suitable for 2000m drilling rigs and workover rigs in China with independent intellectual property rights. Dq20y1 top drive device has advanced performance, novel structure, small and light weight. It is designed to be equipped with PLC control system and fieldbus control system. It has the function of interlocking related operations, making the operation more convenient and safe. In january2008, the second field test was conducted in well s55-11x, which was drilled by drilling crew 30537 of the third drilling company of the Petroleum Administration Bureau in Huabei stone, 25 times stronger than ordinary glass fiber materials. It took 16 days to successfully complete the drilling for the readers. The drilling depth was 2032 meters, which fully met the requirements for the selection, purchase and use of the testing machine in the early stage of the design and testing machine

the advent of the hydraulic top drive device suitable for 2000m drilling rig and workover rig fills the gap in the design and manufacturing technology of 2000m top drive device in China, and meets the needs of oil and gas drilling and coalbed methane development

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