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The first service skill competition of Volvo Construction equipment is about to be decided.

the first service skill competition of Volvo Construction equipment is about to be decided.

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Guide: the sun is shining like a fire. After three months of preliminary selection, the first service skill competition of Volvo Construction equipment was held in Eastern (Wuhu), southern (Chengdu), western (Xi'an) and The four regions of the North District (Shenyang) held the regional finals, and 16 regional champions emerged. They will participate in the preparation of the experimental machine in October: first, inquire about the general decision of the basic structure and operation method of the material experimental machine in Shanghai

after three months of preliminary selection, the first Volvo Construction equipment service skills competition was held in August in the four major regions of the country: East (Wuhu), South (Chengdu), West (Xi'an) and North (Shenyang). 16 regional champions emerged and will participate in the finals in Shanghai in October

the first Volvo Construction equipment service skills competition was hosted by the customer support department of Volvo Construction equipment (China) Co., Ltd. and was held in four regions across the country. It was divided into three stages: preliminary competition, regional final and national final. To improve the technical ability of service personnel, promote the atmosphere of mutual learning among service personnel, and finally achieve the goal of customer satisfaction first

in order to cooperate with the smooth progress of the competition, all dealers have opened up their minds, actively mobilized, and organized all existing TCL (technical ability level) level 1 and level 2 service personnel to participate in the preliminary competition. A total of 62 excellent service personnel have been promoted

the competition follows the principle of "full participation, effectiveness, openness, fairness and impartiality", and carries out tasks and assessment in accordance with the basic service instruction manual, new machine delivery examination and employment standards, regular inspection and assessment standards, excavator operation manual and TCL level I/level II requirements. The participants competed successively from the aspects of theory, practice and service report to investigate the overall level of the participants

theoretical knowledge focuses on the accumulation of knowledge on weekdays. Although the evaluation covers a wide range, from the examination results, because most of the contestants have made adequate preparations, the scores of all the contestants are equally divided. Compared with theoretical knowledge, practice and service reports can better consider the professional level and practical ability of technical service personnel. Through the comprehensive tests of the assessment points such as replacing the oil-water separator and pilot filter element, downloading matris data, walkaround inspection, oil position and user communication, the gap between the contestants gradually emerged. Chenglijun, manager of Volvo Construction equipment capacity development department, commented after the competition: "the contestants organically arranged the regular inspection sequence for each competition, and combined equipment inspection with answering customers' questions, which not only saved time, but also achieved remarkable results. It gave constructive opinions and guidance to customers' non-standard operations, which we love to see."

at the same time, through the service skill competition, some service defects that are usually ignored and neglected have also been exposed. Maxiucheng, the product training manager, added: "for example, when asked about the pressure boosting function and excessive fuel consumption, the original movement will cause problems such as the twists and turns of the test piece around the selected circular axis, the contestants are vague, can not explain clearly, and even have problems of non-standard operation. For example, the hand pump has not been reset after pumping oil, and the fuse has been plugged in and unplugged. It is often the neglect of these details that has caused unexpected consequences." It is common to lose 78000 yuan in one day. Cheng Lijun affirmed and praised the spirit of the contestants, "all contestants are not afraid of the high temperature above 35 degrees. Many contestants have just finished the outdoor practice test of the machine, and they are still sweating. They take off their sweat soaked work clothes and start to fill in the on-site service report."

high quality service can enhance the enterprise brand and is also a sharp weapon to promote product sales. Gutao, general manager of customer support department of Volvo Construction equipment, said: "While providing high-quality products, providing perfect services to consumers has become a new focus of modern enterprise market competition. While upholding 'quality, safety and environmental protection', Volvo provides customers with more sustainable development services. The Volvo Construction equipment service skills competition will continue to be held. While training more excellent service technicians, it will also achieve Volvo's strategic objectives in China for construction equipment The bid has laid a solid foundation. "

the national finals will be held in Shanghai in october2011. The finals will be supervised by Volvo CST capability development department and technology department. At that time, the 16 regional champions from the four regional finals of China's East, West, South and North regions will be divided into two groups to compete in the first battle. Who is expected to win the championship? Let's wait and see

real machine test - performance test

real machine test - communicate with users

Shanghai, China

September 16, 2011

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