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Beihai chrysanthemums first self packaging and direct export set a precedent in Guangxi Beihai, November 26 chenjiacai photography report: it is an arched frame lying flat on the base support. In November, it has a more beautiful appearance and a variety of colors for easy identification. On the 24th, 32800 white chrysanthemums produced by Beihai liannong agricultural science and technology development company realized the precedent of self packaging and direct export to South Korea for the first time, This has changed the history that the cut chrysanthemum in Beihai has always been repackaged for export after being transported to Shanghai or Hangzhou by air. It is reported that it is the first time in Guangxi that the fresh cut flowers in Beihai are directly packaged for customs declaration

the total number of chrysanthemum cut flowers directly exported to Korea this time is 32800, which is a new attempt of liannong company to directly test the bonding firmness and surface defects of the surface coating of coated and non coated metal materials after winding deformation in Beihai. This is also the first time that the Beihai animal and plant quarantine Bureau has received an export inspection application for fresh cut flowers. In order to encourage and support the export of agricultural products from Beihai and participate in international competition, the quarantine department adopted the working method of special affairs and special handling, worked overtime, and completed the plant inspection and other related procedures for the batch of chrysanthemum cut flowers in the shortest time, so as to win time for the fresh cut flowers to be loaded into the cabinet and shipped out of Customs in time, and ensure the smooth export of cut flowers

according to a person in charge of liannong company, this batch of chrysanthemums were purchased through Korean agents in Shanghai, and then exported to Korea by sea in fresh containers. The export of such a batch of chrysanthemum cut flowers is smooth. From now on to May 2008, liannong will have about 30 fresh-keeping containers of chrysanthemum cut flowers directly exported to South Korea in the North Sea. Previously, the company's Chrysanthemum cut flowers were exported by air to Shanghai or Hangzhou and repackaged for export, so the cost was high

in addition, the chrysanthemums exported from China to South Korea have competitive advantages in terms of price, especially in the spring and winter festival, the cut chrysanthemums produced in Beihai have more competitive advantages in the South Korean market. (end)

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