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On May 18, 2021, the online conference of "new products, leading the future" of Jiatong commercial tires was successfully held. At this new product launch, Shenju series of block flower products made a great debut in the expectation and attention of thousands of people, further enriching and improving Shenju series product line and achieving a comprehensive layout. Mr. chenfuzhong, director of Jiatong tire market and sales, delivered a speech on the spot, shared with you the business strategy of Jiatong in the Chinese market, and deeply analyzed the future road of high-quality development of Jiatong

the four major brands appeared at the same time. Shenju series block flower was first launched

from 2019 to 2020, the sales volume reached 500000. During 2020, Jiatong commercial vehicle tyres have successively launched Shenju series Sidaogou products - Jiatong gsr237 and jia'an psr239, and Shenju series sandaaogou products - Jiatong gar863 and jia'an par883 tyres in combination with the market demand. In 2021, the four major brands of Jiatong commercial tire launched block flower products at the same time. Shenju series Jiatong gdr672 and jia'an pdr673 block flower products were launched to meet the use needs of different wheel positions. At the same time, 12 new products, including Sidaogou gsr258 series, Sandaogou gar858 series and mahjong gdr658 series, were gathered and launched

continuing the reputation accumulated in the Chinese commercial vehicle market over the years for good measuring capacity of the bearing unit connected to the fixture, Jiatong commercial vehicle tire has always been committed to lean manufacturing and technological innovation, combined with the changing demands of users, and led the development direction of the Chinese commercial vehicle market with more diversified and professional tire solutions. After Shenju series products with strong R & D strength and advanced patent technology are successively put into the market, they can quickly fill the demand for high-performance tires in the medium and long-distance freight market, including cold chain, hazardous chemicals, express, etc., better improve the product structure and optimize the market segments

2021 Jiatong commercial tire new product launch site

innovate and upgrade cutting-edge technology, help card users reduce costs and increase efficiency

the nearly one hour live broadcast conference atmosphere was warm, and the on-site award ceremony and multiple rounds of red envelope rain were broadcast to excellent dealers for the promotion of new products... There is no doubt that this Jiatong commercial tire new product online conference will open a new brand and avoid a vast layout of contact with dust and other external influences. Considering the fierce competitive environment and stringent cost demands in the medium and long-distance freight market, Jiatong, in combination with China's road conditions, has continuously innovated, explored and refined tire R & D technology. With the original popt pattern technology, CAMT formula technology and pass contour technology, it has comprehensively improved the quality of Shenju series products, extended the service life of tires, and helped card users reduce costs and increase efficiency

the newly unveiled Shenju Kuaihua gdr672 series products are also aimed at the medium and long-distance freight market, and are more suitable for driving wheel positions of vehicles with more road conditions on ramps and curves. Adhering to the technical concept of "ingenuity technology", Shenju Kuaihua gdr672 series products have made another breakthrough on the basis of the original Shenju gsr237 and gar863 series product technologies. The 3D steel sheet design effectively inhibits Heel Toe abnormal wear, with wide tread, high land sea ratio and large flowers. At the same time, the carcass contour is optimized, and the overall wear resistance is increased by 20%; The deep 3D steel sheet distribution provides an effective grip edge to ensure the wet grip performance of the tire throughout its life cycle. The safety can be improved by 18% under the organization and arrangement of the user department; LCT patented vulcanization technology, high activated carbon black application, shoulder stiffener design, tear resistance and anti block performance increased by 15%; The launch of Shenju Kuaihua gdr672 series also means that all members of Shenju family are in place, which can meet the high-performance product demand of all wheels in the medium and long-distance freight market

Shenju series' new first block flower products

in 2021, Jiatong tire has been deeply rooted in the Chinese market for nearly 30 years. In the face of the huge and complex market environment of Chinese commercial vehicles with multiple brands, models and usage scenarios, Jiatong commercial vehicle tire has concentrated resources, innovated and changed, focused on optimizing the brand structure, continued to explore and improve the commercial vehicle tire product line, and helped users maximize benefits. At the same time, actively promote the rapid development of China's medium and long-distance freight market and create tire brands worthy of recommendation

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