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The first set in China! See how the builders turn construction waste into treasure

the first set in China! In May, when the first ray of sunshine in the morning fell on the construction site of Shenzhen metro line 14, the technical team of Shenzhen Metro belt conveyor and waste soil environmental protection treatment system of China Railway clothing design and Research Institute began their busy work of enriching the torque of the initiator in one day, which refers to the torque output from the crankshaft end of the initiator. The average age of this team is less than 29 years old, but with a young arm, it has shouldered the heavy burden of environmental protection treatment technology management of shield muck in work area 7 of Shenzhen metro line 14. At present, version 1.0, the first domestic environmental protection treatment system for shield construction muck designed and developed by them, has been successfully put into use in work area 7 of Shenzhen metro line 14 undertaken by the bridge and Tunnel Company of China Railway No. 3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and has achieved initial results. It has turned muck into treasure, not only protecting the environment, realizing the recycling of muck, but also generating good economic benefits for green construction Urban infrastructure adds a new "magic weapon"

△ top view of the site where the system is located

at present, it is a thorny problem to deal with the muck generated by shield tunneling. If it is directly transported out, it will not only be expensive, but also be scattered on the road, resulting in dust and great pollution. At the same time, a large amount of reusable sand, stone, soil, water, bentonite and foam contained in the residue will be treated as waste residue, which will cause a huge waste of resources. After many scientific researches, the technical team finally developed the belt conveyor and shield muck environmental protection treatment system to separate and dry the muck by stages, realize the reuse of inorganic raw materials and water resources, turn waste into treasure and turn stone into gold

△ screening cyclone integrated machine

R & D process

it is difficult to reclaim the virgin land of waste soil for green treatment. When it comes to the development of China Railway's industrial clothing waste soil environmental protection treatment system, we can't help mentioning two people: Diao Peng, the first person in charge of the waste soil treatment system of the project, and chenhongcai, the first person in charge of the continuous slag belt conveyor

△ group photo

the project will take 20 months from design and manufacturing to commissioning. From Chengdu to Shenzhen, it will be a thousand miles away from home. The construction period is tight and the burden is heavy. Since the project was approved, the lights in the office building of China Railway clothing design and Research Institute are always on late at night. Chen Hongcai often works overtime until 3 a.m. when he is sleepy, he will lie on his desk and sleep for a few hours before continuing his work. Within three months of the project, he lost 12 kilograms

△ the meeting discussed that

the hard work paid off. The design work was completed ahead of schedule. Without taking a break, they immediately engaged in the intensive in-house manufacturing supervision, on-site assembly and commissioning of PEU under the same conditions. "Wife, I'm really sorry for you and your daughter!" Diao Peng, who has been stationed in the work area for two months, often sees his hard-working wife and full-term daughter in the video. His eyes are always wet and he feels guilty

△ residue soil separation system separates coarse sand

the key to treating the residue soil produced by shield tunneling is how to efficiently and intensively separate and utilize the residue soil, which has puzzled the technical team for a long time. After many sleepless nights, Diao Peng creatively put forward the method of vibration cleaning and flocculation pressure filtration to turn stone into gold: the residue is graded and filtered into building materials sand and mud. The mud is added with "brine" flocculant and separated into clear circulating water and dried mud cake by filter press. The team jokingly called this unique skill "marinated tofu"

however, new problems follow. How to efficiently and environmentally transport the residue to the residue separation system? After careful analysis, chenhongcai proposed to use the belt conveyor system to transport the newly excavated muck from the depth of the tunnel to the feed hopper of the ground muck separation system, and finally transport the separated coarse sand and fine sand to the truck through the lifting belt conveyor. There is no spillage in the whole process, which ensures the civilized and tidy construction in the work area

△ belt conveyor system components

to achieve great things, team cooperation is indispensable. We can overcome difficulties only by thinking in one place and exerting ourselves in one place. Diao Peng, the two project leaders, is cheerful and lively, and chenhongcai is thoughtful, active and quiet, with complementary advantages. In addition, they also invited "goldbull craftsman" and China railway work clothes chenwenju as the head of electrical system

2019, in order to ensure the stability and reliability of the belt conveyor control system, chenwenju gave up the rare National Day holiday, stuck to his scientific research post, and finally broke through the difficulty of belt conveyor system control. On February 13, chenwenju settled her 8-year-old daughter at the time when the epidemic was most rampant. Overcoming travel difficulties, she went to the site of Shenzhen Metro project and debugged the belt conveyor control system with team members. With 32 days of persistence and courage, she wrote a female legend of industrial women

Ren Yang, a member of the team, stayed at his post until the night before the wedding and handed over his work before rushing home to complete the wedding. Zhangrenchuan and Zhaoqiang, who have just graduated, have no complaints about the high-intensity work that lasted for two months

△ sand washer

"it is quite tedious to do a test under the product quality, either 100 points or 0 points." Chenhongcai often uses this sentence to encourage everyone. At the key moment of commissioning the residue and soil separation system, the mud cake pressed out after mud separation and filtration will be crushed as soon as it is kneaded, and the separation water is somewhat turbid. Although it was only a minor issue, it still attracted the attention of Diao Peng and Ren Yang. They immediately called everyone together to discuss the solution to the problem, and climbed onto the equipment to check one by one for nearly a week. Finally, when the solid-liquid separation module was checked, the new employee dengtao found that the filter cloth of the filter press was slightly broken, resulting in uneven pressure during filtration and excessive water content in the mud cake, which was broken when pinched. After "finding out the root cause of the disease", everyone immediately applied the right medicine to the case and replaced it with a complete and undamaged filter cloth. When the re pressed mud cake was dry and solid, and the filtered water was clear to the bottom, everyone cheered excitedly

△ successfully pressing out mud cake

it is such a group of lovely Chinese CREC industrialists who, with their young arms, have lifted the girder of environmental protection treatment of shield muck in work area 7 of Shenzhen metro line 14, practiced the guiding spirit of "three changes" with practical actions, and vividly interpreted the enterprise spirit of "daring to leap and pursuing excellence". Finally, let's praise these young technical workers

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