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Bianchi rubinetterie of Italian hardware adheres to rigorous modern technology and his excellent manufacturing techniques, so that it can achieve a variety of performance on the basis of high-end materials and meet the life needs of users' expression

as a well-known sanitary hardware brand in Italy, Bianchi rubinetterie has begun to cooperate with designers since the 1960s. Every product and component has accumulated the enthusiasm of craftsmen. You will never be satisfied with your current achievements

brand products provide bathroom solutions with exquisite workmanship, unique design and diversified products. Over the years of development, the three brands of different styles and types under the company have met the changing needs of sanitary ware and concentrated on creating a more warm and comfortable overall sanitary space for customers

nowadays, Bianchi rubinetterie is still a pioneer of the same type in the bathroom industry, water heater and air conditioning products industry. In addition to providing advanced design for all high-quality hardware products, the brand also provides an exhibition hall including product design, architecture and visual art for the elites in the industry

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