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The anti Beite board is made of decorative colored paper containing melamine resin, plus multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper containing phenolic resin, and then pressed by steel plate under high temperature (150 ℃) and high pressure (1430psi). The thickness can be made from 1.6mm to 25mm

according to its surface color paper layer, the anti Beite board can meet the decorative needs of a variety of colors, single-sided or double-sided. Therefore, it is a decorative material. Because it is thicker than the traditional fireproof board, it has the characteristics of firmness, impact resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance. It can also be a structural material, and it can be directly used for drilling, knocking, sanding, guiding, cutting and other work with standard carbon steel alloy tools. Then, the next editor will introduce the construction technology and types of anti magnification plates

construction process of anti magnification plate

1. Base treatment

clean up floating sand, dust and foreign matters on the wall, and repair to ensure that the wall is basically flat

2. Wall setting out

snap the grid line of anti magnification plate on the wall according to the wall layout and the actual situation on site

3. Keel fabrication

the keel spacing is easy to be 350~600mm. 25*50*3.0 square tube main keel is used at the joint of the division plate of the anti multiplier plate, 25x25x2.0 aluminum alloy square tube is used for the auxiliary keel in the plate, and “ L” The aluminum alloy connector is fixed. In order to facilitate construction, the longitudinal and horizontal keels are assembled on the ground in advance, and generally each assembly unit is not more than 6m

4. Keel fixation

install the assembled keel unit on the wall, adjust the flatness to meet the requirements, and use expansion bolts, “ L” Fix the aluminum alloy connectors (pull rivets are used when the wall is light body wall), and the spacing of fixing points shall not be greater than 500mm

5. Double sided adhesive paste

since the curing time of structural adhesive is 24 hours, strong double-sided adhesive is used for temporary fixation. Peel off the double-sided adhesive tape with one side covered with film, take 25mm as a section, and paste it on the longitudinal and transverse keel at a spacing of 150-200mm

6. Inject structural adhesive

inject structural adhesive on the rest of the aluminum alloy keel surface, with a thickness slightly higher than that of double-sided adhesive, generally not less than 5mm. The structural adhesive shall be applied evenly with the same thickness

7. Paste the anti doubling board

remove the coating on the other side of the double-sided tape, cut the anti doubling board according to the layout drawing, and gently press it on the keel. The width of the gap between plates shall be determined according to the decoration design. A small amount of flatness error can be adjusted by the thickness of structural adhesive

8. Glue injection at the plate joint

stick antifouling masking paper along both sides of the plate joint, and use a glue gun to apply neutral sealant at the plate joint. The sealant should be embedded and filled tightly, smooth and smooth

9. Clean

remove the facial paper at the board seam and clean the board surface

10. Acceptance

acceptance shall be carried out in accordance with national standards and relevant design requirements

type of anti doubling plate

anti doubling plate has excellent characteristics of stability, durability, water resistance, humidity resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, drug resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, anti doubling plate has a very wide range of applications, which can be roughly divided into the following three types:

1, indoor type - because anti doubling plate has the characteristics of wear resistance, fire prevention, bacteria prevention and anti-static, it is widely used in counters and internal walls of banks, airports and other systems Bathing rooms and sanitary cubicles in public places, windbreak walls and benches at station platforms, school tables and chairs, dining tables in canteens, cabinets and hangers, etc

2. Outdoor type - anti Beite board has three series of monochrome, natural color and metal color. It is bright in color, beautiful and lasting. It is mostly used on external walls and balconies such as public facilities, as well as various facilities with a wide range of personnel access

3. Laboratory type - because of the outstanding drug resistance of anti beta plate, it is suitable for facilities such as physical laboratory, chemical laboratory, biochemical laboratory and clinical practice room, as well as the workbench of Research Institute and communication room

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the construction technology and types of anti magnification plates. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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