A comprehensive display of lacca wardrobe and mamo

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Small details are always easy to be ignored, but most of the time, details are the key. If you want to have a deeper understanding of a favorite wardrobe, you should undoubtedly start with the details. Lawka wardrobe shows you all the details of manmorey series

emly -- fashion, personality, aestheticism, novel and extraordinary Bouguer "hand scratch" texture, coupled with the unique design style of Laoka, shows that "fashion, personality, aestheticism" is indisputable with the world, and the beginning of a new lifestyle

the door of the lockcard wardrobe manmolly series is made of imported leather, with soft leather and smooth touch. The elasticity of pressing with hands is good, and it won't hurt if you accidentally hit it during normal use. The versatile lotus color looks elegant and magnificent

the door frame and cabinet body look natural, but they are actually made of aluminum magnesium titanium alloy. This material has good hardness and no deformation

the cabinet door is pushed and pulled countless times every day, so the requirements for slide rails and pulleys are extremely high. Slides and pulleys with poor quality are prone to door plate deformation, poor pushing and pulling, serious noise and other problems. The pulley of Laoka wardrobe is made of imported stainless steel, and the slide rail is made of aluminum magnesium titanium alloy

the cabinet is made of E0 grade high-density board, which is strong and durable with good load-bearing performance. The surface of the cabinet is not generally smooth when touched by hand, but has cloth texture. It feels very textured and looks fashionable

when choosing a wardrobe, it is easy to ignore the edge banding. In fact, small edge banding can prevent the volatilization of formaldehyde and the erosion of air on the board by moisture. The edge banding strip of Laoka wardrobe is 1.5mm thick (generally 0.8 to 1mm thick), which makes it more three-dimensional and durable

the most important thing to choose a wardrobe drawer is to look at the drawer's guide rail. The guide rail of Lloyd's card wardrobe is a silent slide rail, which is dedicated to Lloyd's card brand. Lloyd's card logo can be seen on each guide rail. The handle is invisible. When you press the left side gently, the handle will pop up automatically, which is convenient and intimate

the material of the pants frame is PVC, and the surface is designed with texture, which can prevent the pants from sliding off the pole

the omni-directional display makes the image of manmolly series wardrobe clearer. It has beautiful and fashionable appearance, excellent material, safety and intimacy. Have you been looking for such a wardrobe for a long time




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