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The geomantic omen of the office is closely related to our career and the development prospect of the company; So, what is the stress of Feng Shui in office decoration design? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

office decoration and design Feng Shui

taboos of office decoration and design Feng Shui

1. Seats should not be too empty

if there are many backers in office seats, then they will act steadily, which is conducive to the development of the enterprise. If the office is empty, then the entire office space is not angry, which affects the enthusiasm of employees and is not conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise


2. Not too many side doors

although opening side doors in the office is a good way to strengthen the office's morale, remember never to open too many side doors, because too many side doors will make people lose their popularity, lose their fighting spirit, lose their wealth, or make money in and out, which cannot condense the achievements and goals they should have

office light

3. Sufficient light

office light is sufficient, bright and tidy. Such office space is conducive to the increase of performance. Bright office space, such as positive energy, is conducive to the unity of employees. Anyway, dark office space will give people a gloomy feeling. In terms of office feng shui, it is very detrimental to the development of enterprises, Such an environment will also have a negative impact on employees' emotions


4. The passage should be unblocked

the passage of the office is like human blood. Only unblocked can it be healthy, and the design of the office is the same. If the passage is not smooth, it will not only affect the work efficiency of employees, but also the whole office space will be very messy. Working in such an office space, employees are easy to have negative emotions, which is not conducive to work, The layout of office space will not only affect the financial fortunes of enterprises, but also affect the office efficiency of employees

5. It is too close to the door

the seat is placed by the door, and the office efficiency is poor. In the office, the higher the position, the farther away from the door. The staff is also the same, according to the position level, make a considerable configuration

move the door of the office

6. Flush the door and the road. It is appropriate to set a screen and a low cabinet

rush the desk to the door or the road, which will affect your health and be prone to accidental disasters. There are great obstacles to work and promotion

7. Press the beam on the top

pay special attention if the desk is just under the beam. Easy to be restless, dizzy and make mistakes. If you press your head, move the table forward and avoid it


8. Seat corners

seats must not be cut by asymmetric walkways and seats. If you work in this place, it will be more difficult. Friction and misunderstanding will occur in the relationship between colleagues

9. The boss' vault and seats should be hidden

in places with daily cash income, it is best to place the vault in a hidden place, which is less likely to lose money, and it is best to close it to the back of your seat

office seats

10. The boss's desk is larger than the worker

generally, the boss's desk is larger than the worker, so it is correct. If it is not big enough, place several cabinets next to it to increase momentum. Only in this way can we successfully command employees

Feng Shui in office decoration design

in office decoration design, every detail needs attention, and there is a law in everything, which is also called Feng Shui by many people. Feng Shui has a large proportion in office decoration design

in the office decoration design, the desk should not be back to or side to the door. Back to the door is unscientific in Feng Shui, which is very disadvantageous. In addition, the desk should not be side to the door. Our door is usually opened on the left. If the desk is placed on the right, it will become a diagonal line with the door, which is also disadvantageous in the office decoration design. These two kinds of desk placement will affect the development of the enterprise, The development of the enterprise runs counter to the direction and the route is not correct

in the office decoration design, the desk should not be placed close to the office corridor. The frequent movement of people in the corridor will affect our work and cause great interference to our work. In addition, there are many people in the corridor. If you work near the corridor, it is easy to be peeped by others, which is detrimental to the development of the enterprise. Therefore, you should try to avoid such desk placement

of course, in the final analysis, the feng shui of a company or unit mainly depends on the feng shui of the door and the boss or leader's office, supplemented by the general subordinates or employees. The geomantic omen of the boss's office determines the quality of the whole company. Generally, the geomantic omen of an individual employee's office or desk determines his own luck, wealth and work

orientation of office decoration design Feng Shui pays attention to

(1) office feng shui needs to focus on the person in charge or the top supervisor to find the orientation of Geely

(2) the door of the office must be larger than the opposite door, because the big one wins in momentum, and the small one loses

(3) water seepage, water leakage or cracking of the ceiling or wall of the office is a symbol of money leakage, which should be remedied as soon as possible

(4) it is better to have a high ceiling in the office. If it is too low, it will feel oppressive and unlucky, which will affect the promotion of business, and at the same time, the ventilation is poor

(5) the door of the office should not be facing the electric poles, trees, chimneys and roads

(6) the person in charge of the office must have a solid backing behind the faucet owner who leaks money

(7) the stairs of the office should not face the door, otherwise the gas intake and exhaust collide, which is detrimental to wealth and health

(8) the financial position in the office should be bright and clean at the diagonal corner of the entrance, and it is forbidden to empty the door and put fake flowers

(9) when you enter the office gate, the toilet is next to it, which is a big killer. Because the toilet blocks the entry of anger, it is quite detrimental to wealth and business

(10) it's bad to have no windows in the office. Because the air can't communicate, it's dead

(11) if the desk is facing the toilet door, it will be fumigated by the toilet pollution and will be defeated over time

(12) the desk must not be worn or damaged, otherwise it will damage the transportation

(13) it is better to use wooden materials for the desk, and the use of iron sheet and steel will affect the magnetic field, which is slightly poor

(14) there should be no crossbeam or chandelier above the desk, otherwise it will be detrimental to promotion and wealth

(15) empty doors are most forbidden behind the desk. An empty door is a door or window behind it. It is easy to lack a sense of security, and it is most difficult to concentrate on office work

(16) the desk of the person in charge or supervisor is facing the toilet, which affects the overall operation and business promotion, and has a great lethality on financial luck

(17) one end of the desk is better against the wall, which is relatively stable. It is most forbidden to place the desk obliquely

(18) the back of the desk must be the immovable side, and the most taboo is the aisle or someone walking behind. Because of the lack of security, restless

(19) there must be a backer behind the desk. The so-called backer is a wall. Having a backer is more stable and helpful for business promotion. The desk of the person in charge or accountant should be secretive

(20) the light in the office should be bright, and the natural sunlight is the best, while the artificial light is not good. (guidaye Feng Shui





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