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Affair Yafei wallcovering launched a series of marbling products in the spring of 2019, integrating Scandinavian minimalism, to be refined and simple

"as time goes by, the once popular ones disappear like clouds, and those that are always preferred are called" classics ". There is such an element that never makes gimmicks, but with its inherent texture and texture, it silently "occupies" the eyes of years, that is, marble texture

" Deep sea, land and starry sky; Marble texture can give people too much imagination. Rich texture and unexpected color composition, you never know what kind of scene it will be in when you meet the marble texture next second

from ancient times to now, European churches or palaces, whether they are grand squares or exquisite details, can always see the shadow of marble texture wherever they see. Human love for it has long gone beyond the attachment to an element, but also the identification and belonging of culture

marbling elements everywhere

affair Yafei wallcovering launched a series of marbling products in the spring of 2019, integrating Scandinavian minimalism, to be refined and simple


ink dots on the wall, elegant style, filled with a certain sense of mystery, but also shows an extremely calm sense of simplicity, like a few sparse trees in front of a Finnish log house on a snowy day

it is full of cold and elegant temperament, which makes people fall in love with it, creating the rich ductility and adaptability of the grain itself

floating marble is the care of nature, the lingering everywhere, the sense of alienation, and the calm self-control, such as the thin frost on the Yiyi Xiuzhu, shining alone in the moonlight

quiet, not gloomy, drain all the noise and impetuousness, leaving only silence with you

misty forest

close your eyes and encounter a dream in the misty forest. The diffuse fog blurred the outline of the mountain and the sky, and the green peaks occasionally loomed and floated. In the dream above the clouds, there is a winding path, which seems to be looking for in the fog forest, mysterious and romantic

let the soul return to nature and create a comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere

hiding in the city, let the home become the return of the soul, boil a cup of warm tea, read a volume of poetry, find the artistic conception of literati in the fragrance curl, and look at the clouds on the horizon. Calm and peaceful

in the youth, you can find a poetic atmosphere for your residence, which is the beauty of life

the new spring 2019 series of Yafei wallcovering has been launched. Welcome dear customers to Yafei customer service headquarters/regional heads/Yafei stores for inquiries

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