The hottest plastic pollution in Wuyi is shocking,

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Wuyi plastic pollution is shocking. The "plastic recycling" industry is worrying.

waste plastics are piled up everywhere, the smell of scorched plastics is diffuse, and sewage flows across. Such a scene is shocking. On March 29, I visited Wuyi County, Hengshui City. At the xilongkou Village section of 040 provincial road, the chimneys of several plastic particle processing plants on both sides of the road were emitting thick smoke. The air was full of the choking smell of burning plastic, and the surrounding environment was seriously polluted

entering a factory on the west side of the road, I heard the roar of the machine. A pungent smell made people unable to breathe. A worker was busy in production and a worker was eating. For example, the presence fully guaranteed the geometric accuracy of the whole machine. When I saw a simple cooker near the window, the health of the workers themselves was worrying

according to the person in charge of the factory, this factory has been in operation for four or five years, and only has the relevant procedures of waste collection in terms of procedures. As for whether the production meets the environmental protection requirements, he told, "the environmental protection bureau came only a few days ago and left with a fine."

then, he visited a plastic particle processing plant on the east side of provincial highway 040. The situation in this factory is almost the same as that in Luxi's. When asked whether there were relevant procedures, the hostess said, "there are dozens of such factories in Wuyi County. There are no procedures, and the Environmental Protection Bureau will not handle them. For four or five years, there is no need to handle any procedures, and when they come, they will be fined."

came to Wuyi County Environmental Protection Bureau to understand the situation. With the help of office staff, I contacted captain yuan of the inspection team of Wuyi County Environmental Protection Bureau. Captain yuan responded that he would contact the county government after the meeting

it is understood that these plastic particle processing plants on both sides of provincial highway 040 in Wuyi County not only have no legal approval procedures, but also have no pollution control facilities. According to Article 17 of China's water pollution prevention and control law, construction projects must have water pollution prevention and control facilities, which can be put into production only after being checked and accepted by the environmental protection department. In addition, China's law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste clearly stipulates that the State encourages and supports the comprehensive utilization of resources, and implements the full recycling of solid waste. During the exhibition, the 2016 China smart factory Summit Forum, Taizhou kelcai industry exchange and cooperation promotion meeting, the joint meeting of the National Plastic Industry Association, and the docking meeting and rational utilization of high-quality products at the source of plastic daily necessities were also held at the same time

strengthening environmental protection is an important measure and powerful guarantee to promote the transformation of economic development mode. The reuse of waste plastics is a good thing for the country and the people. However, is such utilization counterproductive? It is hoped that relevant departments will attach great importance to such events so that the plastic recycling industry can develop in an orderly manner

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