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Plastic packaging will be the mainstream of food packaging

according to the latest market forecast report, the consumption of plastic packaging for food and beverage in Europe has increased in recent years and in the coming years. By 2007, the market sales of plastic packaging for food and beverage in Europe will increase from 4.91 billion insqin in 2000 to 7.15 billion US dollars, with an average annual growth rate of 5.5%. Analysis of insiders: the fastest growth rate of plastic packaging sales of food and beverage in the European market will be the PP packaging market, in which the average growth rate of thermoplastic PP will reach 10.7%, transparent PP will increase by 9.5%, followed by pet, with an average annual growth rate of about 9.2%, while the growth rate of foamed PS and soft PVC market is the smallest, and may even stop growing. France (18.7%) is the country that uses the most plastic packaging materials in the food and beverage industry in Europe, followed by Italy (18%) and Germany (17.2%). At present, it plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy in the U.S. market. 1. First, check whether the host part is installed. Most of the popular new food packaging on the vertical field is plastic packaging, which mainly includes high-temperature sterilization plastic cans, high barrier material food packaging, sterile packaging, flexible packaging materials and container packaging

in the beverage market, plastic bottles, especially PET bottles, are the most important and eye-catching packaging. In the carbonated beverage, water and beer markets, there is no paper packaging market at all; In the fruit juice market, paper composite containers can complete the ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flat, zigzag, weld stretch and other experiments, and the market share of the tester is closer to that of plastic containers; PET bottles have appeared in the Baijiu market. For example, pet plastic bottles have been used in all Jianzhuang liquor produced by Wuliangye Group. Plastic beer bottles are also under intensive development, and products have been launched in the United States and Europe. Plastic bags of soy sauce have also appeared, and plastic barrels of soy sauce and vinegar have broken the dominance of glass bottles. Small packages such as monosodium glutamate and pepper powder are basically the market of plastic bags, and paper packaging is rarely used

some experts pointed out that PVDC film will gradually become the mainstream material of food packaging in China. In addition to the general properties of plastics, PVDC also has excellent self extinguishing, oil resistance, flavor retention, moisture and mildew resistance. At the same time, it also has excellent printing and heat sealing properties, which are widely used by food manufacturers. Among the current types of meat products in China, ham sausage products occupy a large market because of its long shelf life and easy to carry. The casing packaging of ham sausage is mostly plastic film, among which PVDC film is widely used. Compared with ordinary PE film, paper, aluminum foil and other packaging materials, the amount of composite packaging using PVDC is much reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing packaging and waste sources

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