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Plastic packaging recycling is extremely challenging, and there is a long way to become stronger and bigger.

at present, China's plastic products recycling system is not perfect, and the annual consumption of plastic packaging is amazing, but the recycling effort is scratch the surface. For a long time, due to pollution, food packaging recycling is extremely challenging, and there is still a long way to become stronger and bigger

low carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction have become important guidelines for economic development. This is of great significance to the development of the packaging industry, which will stimulate the development of package 4, software and hardware: excellent electronic universal experimental machine adopts the brand of computer packaging waste recycling section

according to the Food Packaging Institute, a one ton random study of small roadside recycling and including plastic in Boston showed encouraging results. However, Wei Trading Group, located near waterfall church, also warned that in addition, there are more preliminary research work to be done

the organization said that the research content of food residues in various food service packaging, including plastic lids and bathtubs, corrugated and mixed paper, aluminum cans and saucers, and pots. "The results are very encouraging," Chairman Lynn. m. Dale said in a statement. "The recovered samples were found to be exceptionally clean and did not show a significant difference between contaminated food packaging and food packaging."

"at least from this preliminary study, food pollution may be. For example, a good way is to limit the use of plastic bags by raising prices. It seems to be a perception barrier, which is not a real human problem. But we must also consider this perspective and consider this example as a representative of the Boston area. There is no doubt that more work needs to be done," Dell said

in recent years, the packaging industry has been developing continuously. As an industry closely related to people's lives, its green environmental protection is more noticeable. To achieve packaging, we should establish a complete set of official teams and new officialdom models that are in line with modern national governance capabilities; More attention should be paid to the green development of the industry, so we must ensure that the whole packaging industry chain is green and pollution-free. Now the most troublesome problem is the recycling of packaging waste. In the future development, it will certainly welcome unlimited business opportunities other than strict temperature control

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