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Plastic pipe fittings and their connection technology

the product performance requirements of pipe interfaces are very high. Therefore, the industry uses advanced technology in pipe fittings and joint seals. When evaluating the current situation of the pipe production industry in Europe, AMI pointed out that the annual consumption of plastic in Europe is about 3.5 million tons. With the increasing application of pipe fittings in sewer, water supply, lead pipe, road drainage and other fields, this market is constantly growing. "The pipe fitting industry in Europe has developed rapidly in recent years," commented Jon Nash, a consultant of AMI. "Although it is predicted that the construction industry will face a slowdown, the situation in this industry is good." Projet MJP 5600 allows customers to distribute different material mixtures into different shells in a single part

the production of pipe fittings is a very precise molding process, even for large rotational plastic parts of oversized joints. AMI held a seminar in Cologne in December 2007, with the theme of discussing the production of pipe fittings and pipe connection technology

cross linked polyethylene (PEX) is increasingly applied to the lead pipe market, avoiding the expensive loss of copper pipe. It can be installed faster and at a lower cost. According to Camille rubiez, an expert of the US plastic pipe Institute, most exhibitors have received notification of the relocation of the exhibition hall. The material is wear-resistant and resistant to UV exposure. PEX can reduce the use of pipe fittings in the system, while allowing the use of a variety of pipe fittings

nrg control has always been committed to mastering key technologies in the production of pipe fittings and improving profits by reducing costs, according to Fred Pratt. Energy is a very important factor in molding. 66% of the energy is used in the processing process, and these energy are mainly used in electric motors and barrel heating. Only using motor speed control can reduce unnecessary work; Barrel temperature control can save% of heating cost

materials with high viscosity are required for pipe extrusion, while materials with high fluidity are required for injection molding. Nordic chemical obtained a better product grade PE100 for pipe fitting production through Borstar polymerization process. Prime polymer of Japan has also carried out similar research and introduced a high liquidity PE100 material. The material controls the molecular structure by using a new single active center catalyst. Due to its high melt flow rate (MFR), this material is 30% faster than the traditional product grade molding speed

high performance materials such as polyethylene are used in the production of pipe fittings. Solvay advanced polymers has conducted in-depth comparative research on plastic pipe fittings and metal pipe fittings in many aspects. For example, it is said that the UDEL p-1700 product grade can achieve 75% cost savings compared with copper. The material has been widely used. Fluorinated polymers from Solvay solexis are used in industrial pipelines and pressure pipes in Eastman's material portfolio. These fluorinated polymers show excellent chemical resistance in hot water systems and pipe fittings

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