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Plastic and polycarbonate make electric vehicles take another step forward

the surrounding glass assembly made of transparent polycarbonate can let passengers enjoy a panoramic view, the hardener can realize low-temperature spraying of plastic car accessories, and the plastic body can achieve sustainable development... Covestro will unveil the design concept of new electric vehicles

plastic, polycarbonate, etc. all make electric vehicles take another step forward. Automotive lighting is entering a new dimension. Now light itself is a modeling element, not just a lighting component. For example, a car brand is nicknamed "lamp factory" by fans because of its beautiful headlights "Today's automotive designers are able to carry out extraordinary front-end and rear-end styling design, including the uniform integration of sensors, antennas, lights and signal components," project manager jochenhardt explained. "Consumers want Automotive Styling to be exquisite and fashionable, while automotive manufacturers want to show unique features and distinctive brand design." Holographic technology for car lights? This sounds incredible, but it may become the top automotive lighting technology in the future. Working with Haila, an automotive supplier, kostron has developed an innovative solution based on holographic images. Another service department technology center adopts this solution, and various lighting functions can be integrated into body parts. This solution takes up very little space and opens up the infinite possibility of light as a design element

another trend is smooth and homogeneous shape, which is far more than beautiful, and can reduce vehicle resistance, thereby reducing energy consumption. This shape design can also increase the mileage of electric vehicles. In order to help reduce resistance, kostron has equipped other components in its concept car to improve its aerodynamic effect

the surrounding glass assembly made of transparent polycarbonate allows passengers to enjoy a panoramic view. Because it has almost no blind spots, it can also improve pedestrian traffic safety

this design concept also takes advantage of the new development of raw materials of coatings and adhesives. The coating hardener is made of biomass, and 70% of the carbon content comes from plants. The coating prepared with this raw material can achieve the same excellent performance as the traditional coating, and even better performance in some cases. The most important thing is that it is conducive to environmental protection

another hardener can realize low-temperature spraying of plastic automobile additional parts. In the medium term, this technology will be the first to spray plastic, composite materials and metal parts at the same time. Kostron has also developed raw materials for transparent adhesives, which can meet more complex application needs

covestro cooperates closely with its partners on the concept of new cars. For example, the company invited students from the famous Swedish umeo Design Institute and the Finnish northern works design company to Leverkusen. The project focuses on polycarbonate material solutions, aiming to transform the existing aesthetic and material patterns, develop novel design and functional concepts, and meet the dreams of future drivers

more than 50 years ago, when costron was still operating under Bayer, it launched the first plastic body car k67 at the plastic exhibition Since then, if customers are not familiar with the selection of equipment, the company continues to challenge the limits and bring pioneering and innovative material solutions. Other milestones achieved by the company include the introduction of raw materials for headlamp and polycarbonate automotive glass assembly, waterborne filler and tread primer coating, and low solvent polyurethane varnish

"our design concept helps to expand the performance of electric vehicles and make a significant contribution to climate protection," said Dr. Markus steilemann, a member of the kostron Management Committee in charge of innovation, "These development achievements have broken the limitations and provided innovative solutions for designing comfortable, powerful and energy-saving vehicles, so that we can help customers improve product styling, integrate functions, enhance profitability and achieve sustainable development from this perspective."

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