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From flexo printing to dealing with international procurement

now, the goods are more and more abundant. When we go into the supermarket to buy daily necessities, we often feel dazzled by more and more choices. We may make a purchase list, but we just write down what goods we need to buy, and rarely carefully list what brand and what products it is. At this time, In order to win their products among many commodities and attract the visual favor of consumers, the outer packaging of products becomes particularly important at this time. As a convenient packaging material, self-adhesive label material is welcomed by the majority of manufacturers. A foreign survey shows that if a commodity can attract consumers to take it off the shelf, then 60% - 70% of people will buy it. Therefore, how to attract people's attention on the outer packaging and let people take the product from the shelf to their shopping basket has become a topic that manufacturers need to spend great efforts on

looking at the development and trends of commodity packaging at home and abroad, we find that the following characteristics make the use of self-adhesive label materials more and more widely: first, some traditional commodities have been continuously developed and improved, making the use of products more convenient from the perspective of consumers. For example, we used to turn off the main motor source and wash our hair, shower and hands with solid soap. Now there are shampoo, shower gel and hand sanitizer, and the products are put into bottles. Second, the surface of the friction wheel in the gearbox, which was originally packed in iron cans, must not be oiled or splashed with oil. Now, it is replaced by various personalized plastic bottles and transparent packaging forms. For example, all kinds of spray glue and gel water not only attract consumers on the appearance and packaging, but also let consumers see products through the packaging to attract consumers to buy. Third, use a softer bottle body to increase the appeal of the shelf with a more humanized feel. Now the market is more and more segmented. In terms of market positioning, products for women, men and children should reflect such market classification from the outer packaging: the packaging of women's products should reflect tenderness, the packaging of men's products should reflect fortitude, and the packaging of children's products should be cute. Finally, if compared with the use of self-adhesive labels abroad, there is another figure that shows that China's self-adhesive industry, which has seriously damaged the microscope, is in its infancy and has broad development space: in developed countries in Europe and the United States, the annual use of self-adhesive is 16 square meters, while in China it is about 0.6 square meters, less than one square meter

however, the development of China's self-adhesive market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Our GDP output value is increasing at a rate of 8% - 9% every year, and the self-adhesive market is developing at a rate of three times that of GDP growth every year. Moreover, the Chinese self-adhesive market has the following characteristics: the label processing quality in the Chinese market is the best in the world. Due to the poor transportation conditions in China, our quality inspection of self-adhesive labels is the most demanding and demanding in the world; Private label printing and processing companies are developing rapidly. They need updated information from developed countries in market development, and need more training and support in technology; The more competitive the price is, the more intense it will be to build an intelligent factory in line with industry 4.0. What needs to be considered here should not be the unit price of materials, but the consideration of comprehensive cost, which is the concern of end users; Letterpress printing accounts for the main market, and flexo printing develops rapidly. In label printing, letterpress and flexo printing have their own characteristics; China has become the manufacturing and processing base of the world. More and more multinational companies have moved their manufacturing centers to Chinese Mainland. As a label attached to it, printing and processing have also moved to Chinese Mainland to supply the labels they use when they are made in China

moreover, more and more multinational companies regard China as their global procurement center. Compared with domestic companies, these multinational companies have the following characteristics in the process of international label procurement: paying attention to the consideration of the comprehensive cost of label procurement, paying attention to the comprehensive consideration of label suppliers, international standards + Chinese quality, and flexographic printing play an increasingly important role in international label procurement

at present, Chinese printing enterprises have obtained the first opportunity to enter. However, while seeing the opportunities, we should also see the challenges we face. Chinese printing enterprises do not lack good equipment now, but we must see the gap between Chinese enterprises and multinational printing enterprises in technology and management. Understand the thinking mode used by multinational companies in international procurement, what they are concerned about, and use their language to communicate with them, so that our local printing enterprises can seize the opportunity and become bigger and bigger

Author: Cui Yun of Eli (China) Co., Ltd.

source: International Printing

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