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From made in China to "smart" made in China, KOMA has made every effort - KOMA's 2015 CIIF trip came to a successful conclusion

on November 7, the five-day 17th China International Industry Expo (ciif2015) in Shanghai came to a successful conclusion at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Comau, the global leader in automated flexible manufacturing solutions, has won wide attention since its debut on CIIF. During the exhibition, Mr. Mathias Wiklund, chief operating officer of KOMA global robotics division, and Mr. He Wanmin, vice president of KOMA China and general manager of KOMA robotics division, attended KOMA press conference, robot Summit Forum, robot CEO round table and other important industry summits, and grandly introduced KOMA's new design concepts and innovative technology products, At the same time, he shared his excellent insight into the performance and future development of China's intelligent manufacturing market, and expressed KOMA's firm determination to help make in China 2025

Matthias vicoland, chief operating officer of KOMA global robotics division, delivered a speech at the press conference to introduce the development of KOMA robotics

the full series of silver legions of KOMA and the latest Amico concept robot ciif2015 tour

as the first heavy-duty debut of KOMA robotics on CIIF, the full series of classic robots of KOMA appeared in a new metallic silver gray color, It marks the magnificent transformation of KOMA robot from traditional industrial robot to intelligent manufacturing. While having a sense of technology and fashion, the silver gray color matching indicates a friendly interface and convenient operation, which is also the trend of the future development of KOMA robot, making the work of users simpler and the human-computer cooperation more smooth

he Wanmin, vice president of KOMA China and general manager of robotics division, answered questions

among the silver legions at CIIF KOMA booth this year, the most eye-catching is the innovative two arm humanoid robot concept unit Amico. Amico emphasizes more anthropomorphic application in terms of design concept and technical functions, and its grip flexibility is even comparable to that of human hands. Matthias vicoland, chief operating officer of KOMA global robotics division, said: by simulating the performance of human arms, robots can complete more coordinated cooperation between mechanical arms and promote production efficiency. In the future, intelligent manufacturing will become more and more anthropomorphic, and will be closer to human natural ability. From the meaning of Italian friends, Amico's appearance expressed that KOMA will continue to be committed to providing high-performance and high-quality products and services, and become the best global partner in the field of industrial manufacturing

KOMA's full range of robots appeared at the Industrial Expo with a new silver gray color matching

KOMA has always assisted in smart manufacturing in China

in May 2015, the State Council officially issued "made in China 2025", and stressed that smart manufacturing will be the main direction of attack in the future. With the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend and the rise of labor costs, intelligent manufacturing not only conforms to the development trend of global industry 4.0, but also the only way out for China's manufacturing industry. Many Chinese manufacturing enterprises have turned to robot suppliers to seek solutions. In 2014, the sales volume of industrial robots in China exceeded 45000, surpassing Japan to become the world's largest industrial robot market

KOMA racer 4 interactive shooting with the live audience

at the corma press conference held on the opening day of CIIF, Matthias vicoland stressed that corma has a perfect robot product line and mature automation solutions to meet the upgrading intelligent needs of China's manufacturing industry. Mr. Matthias vicoland said that China has always been the market that corma pays most attention to, and I have also begun to stay in China and focus on the local market. The attention of the Chinese government and the huge potential of the market have given industrial robots unique conditions for development in China. Through its outstanding technological advantages and global resources, KOMA will help China upgrade from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and truly realize China's intelligent manufacturing

Matthias vicoland, chief operating officer of KOMA global robotics division, was invited to attend the fourth China robotics Summit Forum hosted by the ICIF and share his views on the future development of China's intelligent manufacturing

on November 4, Matthias vicoland was invited to attend the fourth China robotics Summit Forum sponsored by the host of CIIF. The theme of this summit forum is that the robot industry helps make in China 2025, and it will deeply discuss how to take industrial robots as a breakthrough point to further promote the upgrading and development of China's manufacturing industry. The robot industry is internationally known as the Pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown. According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, by 2020, the global robot and artificial intelligence market will reach 152.7 billion US dollars, and robot technology will increase productivity by 30% in some industries. Matthias Vico: what is the relationship between the economic die size and plastic shrinkage in China's extruder industry? There have been several positive signals in the industry. Rand said: the era of industry 4.0 characterized by intelligent manufacturing has arrived. Facing the rapidly changing market demand, only by combining robot based automation and informatization can productivity be improved. At the same time, Matthias vicoland also pointed out the challenges faced by enterprises in the new industrial era. Industry 4.0 marks a complex and interconnected global system, which greatly increases the complexity of management. As a global leader in automation solutions, KOMA advocates to help enterprises improve production efficiency and reduce short-term low energy consumption through open and simple automation technology. Matthias vicoland added

KOMA robot actively grasps the professional knowledge of product skills, prices, technical indicators, etc. Mr. Xin Yu, general industrial business manager of the division, introduced the application of KOMA robot in 3C industry at the 5th China robot Summit Forum hosted by China robot.

in recent years, with the increasing maturity of robot applications in traditional industries, industrial robots have begun to move from the automotive manufacturing field to 3C industry Hardware industry and other general industrial fields. During ciif2015, Mr. Xin Yu, general industrial business manager of KOMA robot division, introduced the application of KOMA robot in 3C industry in detail at the 5th China robot Summit Forum hosted by China robot. Xin Yu said that 3C industry is one of the most important pillar industries made in China, and it is a new market opportunity for intelligent robots. Corma launched racer3 robot in July this year, aiming at 3C manufacturing. It is understood that racer3 has just won the 2015 technological innovation award issued by Jung industrial consulting. Mr. He Wanmin, vice president of KOMA China and general manager of the robot business department, said: race3 is the first step for KOMA to develop small robots. In the future, KOMA will continue to seek innovation and further develop a full range of robot products suitable for 3C and other general industrial fields on the basis of consolidating the advantages in the automotive manufacturing field

KOMA's new two arm anthropomorphic concept robot Amico made its first show in China at the 2015 China International Industrial Expo

since entering the Chinese market in 1997, KOMA is providing industrial automation solutions for more and more Chinese enterprises with its excellent automation and full integration capabilities, perfect global business network, and excellence in innovation. This year is the first time for KOMA to participate in the Industrial Expo. With the help of the Industrial Expo, China's most influential international industrial brand exhibition, KOMA not only showed excellent industrial design concepts, but also fully expressed its firm confidence in China's intelligent manufacturing. It is believed that in the near future, KOMA will launch more excellent products and services, and continue to help the gorgeous transformation from made in China to smart made in China

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KOMA is the world's leading manufacturer of automated flexible systems, integrating products, processes and services perfectly, significantly improving efficiency and reducing overall costs. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, KOMA has a business network covering 17 countries and regions around the world, with more than 13500 employees. It is committed to using the latest technologies and processes to provide customers with an advanced complete system that has always exceeded expectations. KOMA focuses on body welding and assembly, powertrain machining and assembly, robotics and maintenance services, as well as manufacturing systems and environmental protection services for various industrial sectors. Constantly expanding and upgrading products and services enable KOMA to lead the industrial automation industry, meet the unique needs of every customer, and run through the whole project cycle, from design, implementation and installation to production trial operation and maintenance services

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