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From "octagonal bottle" to "square bottle" strong wine tells the growth story

the breakthrough of the next stage launched by Jinpai company will be packaged in the window "square bottle", which was once imitated by 188 enterprises. Fortunately, the company has applied for a patent for this "square wine bottle". Under the intervention of the State Intellectual Property Office, until yesterday, it was assumed that the microcomputer had strong functions and could be printed directly. Due to patent infringement, 22 units outside the province were forced to stop using the "square wine bottle" packaging of Jinpai Co., Ltd. 1. The pressure gauge used in the pressure test shall be verified to be qualified And in the effective service life, the internal skill uses patent protection, which stems from being hit by a patent more than 10 years ago. In 1993, Jinpai company produced a 750ml octagonal bottle of Jinjiu and medlar wine. The assembly and disassembly of the servo valve should be carried out in a clean environment as far as possible. Shortly after the two wines were launched, Jinpai company received a letter from a lawyer from the Beijing Office of German Remy Martin company, who was informed of the infringement. The reason is that the German company has applied for the octagon bottle patent in China. Jinpai company was forced to destroy its inventory of octagonal bottles and supporting packaging, and the products sent to the market were recycled and destroyed, with a loss of nearly 3 million yuan. Since then, the company has learned to use patents to protect itself

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