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Shantui Jianyou Alibaba accessories e-commerce platform was officially launched

Shantui Jianyou Alibaba accessories e-commerce platform was officially launched

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Jianyou accessories e-commerce platform relies on Shantui Jianyou's good brand effect, takes accessories sales as the entry point, and directly provides services to end customers. Its framework uses ultra light carbon fiber composite materials, which is a trusted shopping platform for customers. The application of the platform will provide customers with a convenient and fast shopping experience, enjoy the same fast service as offline, and mean that the company's products have officially entered the "e-era" of network marketing. During the operation of the platform, it has successively sold accessories for China Railway 14th Bureau, China Railway Electrification and other companies, with sales exceeding 70000 yuan

shantuiyou Alibaba accessories e-commerce platform went online and officially operated

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