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From a circuit breaker manufacturer to a digital leader, Schneider Electric has entered China since the 1980s. Schneider Electric has been fortunate to become a witness of reform and opening up, participate in and benefit from the great changes in China. Starting from a small joint venture factory with less than 100 people on the coast of the Bohai Sea, Schneider Electric has developed China into its second largest market in the world, focusing on medium and low voltage power distribution and, Become the leader of today's energy efficiency management and digital transformation in the field

In 1987, Schneider Electric established its first joint venture factory in Tianjin. Participants and beneficiaries of reform and opening up

generations of Chinese born and raised with reform and opening up still have the memory of changing fuses with a flashlight after power failure in their childhood. Unconsciously, the more safe and convenient circuit breaker replaced the fuse, and the distribution box replaced the switch box, becoming a necessary item in the family; And fuses, like comic books, radios and other old objects, slowly withdrew from the stage of history in the rapid change of life. Introducing circuit breakers into China and ending the fuse era is the first innovation Schneider Electric has made since entering China

China's first internationally certified circuit breaker product

whether Schneider Electric's rapid development in the world or Schneider Electric's journey in China, it is inseparable from its adherence to innovation

in the 1990s, with the further opening of the Chinese market, innovation became the catalyst for Schneider Electric to accelerate its integration into China. With its leading medium and low voltage power distribution and industrial automation products, Schneider Electric has the honor to participate in many energy and infrastructure construction in China, including providing equipment and services for major projects such as the Three Gorges project, the west to east gas transmission project, the south to North Water Transfer Project, and the Ling'ao nuclear power plant. Schneider Electric's products such as medium, and contactors are widely used in domestic economic construction, which has promoted the process of China's industrialization. China's R & D center was also quietly established during this period, and began to explore the localization of imported products, accumulating talents and technical capabilities for the "Chinese original" that will shine later

"make good use of its effect and enjoy its ability", this once brand slogan, makes the image of Schneider electric energy efficiency management experts deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At that time, it was a critical period for China to implement the 12th Five Year Plan for energy conservation and emission reduction. Schneider Electric introduced cutting-edge energy efficiency management concepts, such as "active energy conservation and efficiency enhancement", "full life cycle energy efficiency solutions", more than 100 sets of energy conservation and efficiency enhancement solutions and more than 300 energy conservation and efficiency enhancement products, into the five major markets of energy and infrastructure, industry, data center, commercial buildings and civil housing. This has refreshed the understanding of various industries on energy conservation and efficiency increase - energy conservation can bring tangible economic benefits, and even optimize production and improve product quality

The 21st century is an era when China is sounding the horn of rejuvenation. China has come to the center of the world stage. Beijing's successful hosting of the Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the Shanghai WorldExpo, and the G20 Hangzhou summit have attracted worldwide attention. Schneider Electric is recognized in these domestic and foreign activities for its deep cultivation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation. On August 8, 2008, after the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, Schneider Electric engineers received a thank-you message from the head of the bird's nest on-site headquarters: "thank you, you also have a share of the success of the opening ceremony!". This is not only the recognition of Schneider Electric's energy-saving and efficiency increasing solution, but also the praise of the professionalism and reliability of the project team

in recent years, with the advent of the era of Internet of things and the transformation of China's economy from high-speed growth to high-quality development, Schneider Electric began to explore "digital" innovation, using digital to empower more industries and enterprises in the real economy, and jointly explore the value of IOT. At the end of 2016, Schneider Electric launched a new IOT based architecture and platform ecostruxure?, It is widely used in home, building, data center, infrastructure, industry and other end markets to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry. At the same time, Schneider Electric has used its mature market insight, application and practice in segmented industries to deeply cultivate emerging industry markets, including food and beverage, medicine, electronics, etc

at the 2018 Schneider Electric Innovation Summit, the global mediocre of Schneider Electric is a sage who is unwilling to work hard. Yin Zheng, executive vice president and President of China, delivered a speech

Chinese original, with "in China, for China" to achieve win-win results

according to the latest figures of the Ministry of Commerce, in the first half of 2018, foreign capital set up nearly 30000 new enterprises in China, with a year-on-year increase of 96.6% [1]. It can be seen that multinational enterprises are still enthusiastic about investment in China, attach great importance to the opportunities brought by deepening reform, and continue to increase investment. Schneider Electric is also the same. It adheres to the implementation of a more comprehensive and distinctive localization strategy and model in China from R & D, talent to partner system, and always operates itself as a real Chinese company to develop and win-win with China's economy, society and industry

R & D localization is the most important part of Schneider Electric's localization strategy. Since 1999, Schneider Electric has established a localized R & D team, and successively set up R & D centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xi'an. Now it has more than 1000 R & D engineers. After experiencing different development stages and more than ten years of accumulation of product localization, localization and international joint R & D, the R & D Center opened a new chapter of "Chinese original" in 2012

Schneider Electric's first R & D center in China

"original in China" is independently decided by the local team, leading the rapidly changing Chinese market, innovating and developing new products and adjusting product series according to the differentiated and customized needs of Chinese customers. This strategy not only accelerates the time to market, but also opens the market more accurately. Some products that have been successful in China have also been promoted to the world to export Chinese wisdom to the world

today, when you walk into the R & D center of Schneider Electric in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, you will find that all end-to-end R & D teams, from design, industrialization, procurement, quality to project management, are in the same building. R & D personnel not only visit customers in the laboratory, but also with sales and marketing teams to understand the actual needs and pain points of customers. It can be seen that Schneider Electric has made unremitting efforts to improve local innovation ability

in Schneider Electric, there is an interesting place, with its headquarters in France, and the offices of the chairman and CEO of the group, zhaoguohua, and one third of the members of the board of directors are in Hong Kong, China; China has the largest number of employees; The top decision-making team of Schneider Electric China is all Chinese. It is enough to see the important position of the Chinese market in Schneider Electric's global territory. What is reflected behind this is that Schneider Electric fully authorizes local teams and trains local talents

in terms of training local talents, the company has provided projects such as "Marco Polo" to provide overseas work opportunities for young employees, hoping that employees can broaden their horizons and accumulate experience working in different countries and cultures, so as to cultivate their ability to operate global businesses. Schneider Electric also excavates and trains high potential young talents through events such as the "green energy efficiency global innovation case challenge"

in addition to R & D and talent localization, Schneider Electric also supports each other and grows together with local partners in an open, inclusive and win-win way. In the process of building the upstream and downstream partner system, Schneider Electric actively introduced international advanced technology and experience, unreservedly cultivated partners to embark on the road of standardization and modularization of production, sales and management, and helped China's manufacturing industry have the level of international integration

in addition, Tianjin Meilan Rilan founded in the 1990s to improve the construction of sales network with the strength of distributors. This model has been used until now, and has also been followed by the industry. Schneider Electric now has more than 900 distributors, some of which have grown from small companies with several partners to listed companies

carry forward the past and forge ahead to build a green China

while promoting China's industrial upgrading with innovation and Chinese originality, Schneider Electric has never forgotten to actively practice society, take sustainable development as the strategic core, run through all aspects of innovation and business, affect the sustainable development choices of customers and partners, and provide assistance for China to achieve a more sustainable development mode. What makes Schneider Electric unique in the industry is that it measures its performance in sustainable development through 21 indicators in the dimensions of climate, circular economy, health and rights, ethics and development in the "earth and society barometer" and Schneider Electric sustainable impact index report. In China, Schneider Electric undertakes social responsibilities in the form of Bibo vocational education plan, employee volunteer activities, university laboratory projects, disaster assistance, etc

today, 40 years after reform and opening up, reform should be deepened and opening up should be expanded. The first China International Import Expo to be held in shanghaihai is a demonstration of the continued deepening of opening up. In the face of a more open and progressive China, Schneider Electric will also plan a new chapter for building a new pattern of comprehensive opening

in the future, Schneider Electric will integrate global resources and experimental speed: 300 ± 20mm/min, leading products, solutions, services and global operation experience, and continue to work with Chinese customers and partners to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the fields of "the Belt and Road", innovation and development, green development, global governance and so on. In the era of IOT, Schneider Electric, on the other hand, will continue to release the digital potential, lead the digital transformation, empower the transformation and upgrading of various industries in China, and become a reliable partner for sustainable development in China

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