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How to use angle grinder to repair and scratch stainless steel

scratches on the stainless steel surface are often unavoidable, which may occur during transportation, use or processing. In order to achieve perfect polishing effect, the scratches must be removed first

Fein overtone stainless steel repair scratch the most suitable solution:

1. Angle grinder wsginox+ stainless steel surface/pipe/profile pre polishing package

in order to become the latest generation of cosmetics moisturizer; As a green nutritional food preservative, polylysine can effectively remove deep scratches and tiny scratches. You can use tower sandpaper with quick paste because this tower structure has good grinding performance and can achieve fine polishing. With the mill stop plate with self cooling channel, the heat generation can be better reduced

start state: stainless steel plate with typical transportation scratches

procedure 1: use the sandpaper sheet with a diameter of 115mm and a thickness of 80 hydraulic universal testing machine to select the fixture precautions, which can quickly and one by one remove the deeper scratches (the recommended speed is 4200/min, here it is level 5)

procedure 2: the vortex track can be ground with the sand sheet paper pyramixa30 with a diameter of 115mm in the second step (the recommended speed is 4200/min, here it is level 5)

effect: the scratches generated by grinding during rotation are polished, which is the best premise for subsequent wire drawing and polishing

2. Angle grinder wsginox+ polishing disc

fine scratches can be polished one by one by rotating the polishing disc. The hard wool on the disc has good polishing performance for small rough parts

start state: slight scratch marks on the surface

application: grinding by rotation (the recommended speed is 4200/min, here it is level 5)

effect: the surface is finely vortex polished

3. Angle grinder wsginox/abrasive polishing machine wpoe+ fine sand paper

in order to remove very fine scratches, fine sand paper can be used. The wool structure of the grinding tool prevents excessive grinding of the surface

start state: the smallest scratch on the stainless steel surface

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application: sandpaper is used for grinding. When the rotating speed is 2500 and 3300/min, only a small amount of heat will be generated on the surface

effect: fine surface

avoid deformation of stainless steel caused by heat, and pay attention to maintaining a low speed and low pressure. Because thinner plates can also form bulges when the calorific value is small, a copper plate or aluminum plate under them can avoid high-temperature damage caused by accumulated heat during processing

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