How to use and maintain electronic weighing appara

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How to use and maintain electronic weighing apparatus

usage and maintenance methods of electronic weighing apparatus:

first, before starting up, check whether there are goods on the weighing platform, whether the connection between the sensor signal cable and the instrument is correct, and whether the shaking of the weighing apparatus is flexible

second, turn on the power supply, preheat the instrument (15-30 minutes), and observe whether the self-test of the instrument is normal

since the host needs self-test when starting up

III. when weighing, the goods should be light, which has also been used in the all plastic engine project. Handle with care, try to place the goods in the middle of the weighing platform, and complete the 72 National Standards for intelligent manufacturing for overweight. Goods and vehicles are not allowed to be weighed

IV. when weighing the truck scale, you should walk slowly up and down the scale platform, and sudden braking on the scale platform is not allowed

v. after weighing, the goods and vehicles should be removed in time. Do not stay on the scale platform for a long time to avoid damage caused by long-term pressure on the sensor

VI. when the weighing instrument is out of service, turn off the power supply first and unplug the power plug; When it rains and thunders, it should be stopped to avoid the damage of instruments and sensors by lightning

VII. Regularly clean the foreign matters and dust between the scale body and the foundation and around to prevent the foreign matters from sticking with the scale body and causing inaccurate weighing

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