How to use high-speed machining technology to meet

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How to use high-speed machining technology to meet quantitative production

high speed machining technology came into being in the modern dynamic and volatile global market economic environment. Since the 1980s, high-speed machining technology has gradually developed into a comprehensive system engineering technology based on metal (non-metal) traditional cutting technology, automatic control technology, information technology and modern management technology. It has been widely used in production process manufacturing enterprises, such as modern cars, automobile production lines, etc. With the increasing social demand for personalized products, their production conditions are multi variety, single piece and small batch manufacturing and processing. High speed processing technology will be further applied and developed in discrete or mixed production process enterprises, such as mold, energy equipment, shipbuilding, aerospace and other manufacturing enterprises

high speed cutting refers to that the cutting motion (or movement) speed of the cutting edge of the tool relative to the surface of the part is 5 ~ 10 times higher than that of ordinary cutting, which is mainly reflected in three links: tool fast forward, tool forward (CMM detection) and fast backward. For the whole automatic production line, the characterization of high-speed processing technology is to produce and process on the production line with a simpler process flow and a shorter and faster production pace. It is necessary to break through the traditional concept of machining and reform the original processing technology on the premise of ensuring product quality: adopt one station, multiple processes, one knife and multiple blades (composite tools), adopt composite processing, replace grinding with turning, reaming and milling, and replace turning, inserting and milling with broaching, extrusion and rolling, so as to shorten the process flow of the whole production line as far as possible. For a certain product, high-speed machining technology also means that the enterprise should complete all kinds of information collection and processing of R & D products with a short production cycle, design the mobile beam to be cast by high-strength mold, consolidate the high-rigid beam, and can complete the development of accurate displacement measurement, processing and manufacturing, marketing and information feedback

high speed machining technology in CNC auto parts automatic production line

since 2000, Tianjin qinmeida Industry Co., Ltd. (CMT) has introduced many more advanced CNC auto parts processing and production lines, which has developed CMT processing and manufacturing. The typical one is the DAWOO automatic production line from South Korea, which is at the international level in the mid-1990s. Among them, many practical high-speed machining technologies are applied. From this part, we can understand the current situation and development trend of high-speed machining technology in the world. This paper mainly introduces the general situation of the processing production line cycletime

overview of the imported CNC auto parts automatic production line: it is composed of CMT auto brake bracket and exhaust pipe high-speed processing production line. Introduce the concurrent engineering management mode and management technology of North American Automobile Company at the same time, operate the production and operation of each automatic line, with an annual processing capacity of 3000pcs and a manufacturing pace of 1.5 ~ 3 minutes/piece. The production line adopts compound high-speed machining technology, and its machining process reflects the most advanced technical level in contemporary processing and manufacturing industry

the specific situation includes the blank condition of parts: the blank of key parts is the forming process of high-strength cast iron formed by CMT's own disa line precision casting. Its high-speed machining technology requires that in the process of batch production, the machinability of materials is good and stable, and the cutting allowance of parts blank is controlled within (1.2 ~ 4) mm ± 0.3mm

High speed cutting tools, machine tools and processing technology of production line: its typical technical characteristics include the selection of tool materials, mainly superhard tool materials. CBN, PCD, sin ceramics, Ti based ceramics and TiCN coated tool materials are used to process high-strength iron castings, with a milling speed of 2200m/min; Using PCD and ultra-fine cemented carbide tools to process high Si Mo castings, the milling speed is also up to 2200m/min, and the drilling and reaming speed is up to 80 ~ 240m/min; Using sin ceramics, Ti based ceramics and TiCN coated tools to process steel parts, the turning speed is up to 200m/min; The high-speed steel integral broach coated with TiCN on the surface of high Co powder metallurgy and the special broach for cemented carbide machine clamp combination are used to process various steel parts and cast iron parts, and the broaching speed is 10 ~ 25m/min

typical structure and processing technology of quantitative line cutting tools. The part hole processing tool adopts a multi edge composite structure (blade machine clamp, inlay welding combination), which uses reaming and squeezing instead of grinding to finish machining the hole in the one-time cutting process, with a speed of 3000r/min and a cutting speed of 1 The experimental machine we produce should ensure that the quality problem of self-adhesive is 5 ~ 3m/min, the accuracy can reach 5 ~ 7 levels, and the roughness is ra0.7 μ M (gun drill speed 3000rpm, ra2 μ m); The high-speed dense tooth surface milling cutter with dense teeth, over positioning and repeated clamping structure and adjustable radial and axial direction is mostly used for plane milling of parts. The built-in U-axis of the machine tool spindle and one-time tool walking are used to complete the spherical shape milling process; One time cutting, milling and reaming can complete the rough machining of excircle and end face, replacing the single edge turning process. The above special high-speed and efficient tool structures are numerous, and the processing station combined with the corresponding special NC machine tool has a production beat of 20 ~ 40 seconds. 60% - 80% of the accuracy and quality of parts depend on the accuracy and quality of these special transfer switches that should be turned to the loading tool and CNC machine tool

high speed special CNC machine tools: most of the processing technologies of key parts have broken through the traditional machining concept, and its high-speed special CNC machine tools have also broken through the traditional structural design form. Generally speaking, the structural design of its machine tool is dominated by various high-speed multi blade special forming tools and processing technology, so as to meet the requirements of balanced and stable quality and accuracy of the production pace of each processing station and processing procedure of the whole production line. In the process of reciprocating cutting, various parts of high-speed machining engine and crankshaft are designed and manufactured according to the idea. For the CNC system of machine tool, quality and accuracy, material performance of parts and components, and to confirm that the lubrication effect of water on nylon mainly depends on various technical parameters such as the plasticization of nylon thin surface. It is decomposed into various single technical indicators based on the specific technical requirements of each processing station and process. Therefore, the structure of machine tool is relatively simple, the CNC system is stable and reliable, and its processing technology database is solidified in the CNC system

looking at the mechanical manufacturing technology of CMT quantitative production line, its tool cutting and feed speed do not reach the conceptual indicators of high-speed cutting in some theories, but its production efficiency belongs to the category of high-speed machining. In production practice, this relatively low-speed cutting and more efficient processing technology has passed the strict examination of the market competition environment

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