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How to upgrade the printing of corrugated boxes

in the past, corrugated boxes have only played the role of storage and transportation packaging, so they are regarded as rough outer packaging, and their surface patterns are mostly lines and monochrome patterns. However, in recent years, as people have higher and higher requirements for commodity packaging, corrugated boxes are gradually changing from simple storage and transportation packaging to high-end sales packaging. Corrugated boxes with novel design, exquisite printing and exquisite appearance are not only eye-catching, but also can improve the added value of goods and enhance their market competitiveness. However, at present, the overall level of corrugated box printing and processing in China is still low, especially in the selection of technology and related equipment and supporting materials, there are still some misunderstandings. How to improve the printing and processing quality of corrugated boxes is the concern of the industry. On this issue, we interviewed some industry experts and manufacturers

the printing process needs to be improved

at present, most corrugated boxes in China adopt the processing method of flexographic ink direct printing and online cylinder die cutting; Another part adopts the processing method of printing face paper first, then mounting with corrugated board, and then carrying out platform die cutting; Preprint is rare

Lu Xiangqian, manager of the marketing department of Hongye Equipment Co., Ltd., believes that ink direct printing + roller die cutting is the processing method that most conforms to the principle of "fast, convenient, environmental protection and economy", so it has been widely used at home and abroad, accounting for about 95% of the carton processing market in Europe and America and 70% in China. Offset reprocessing costs are high, which is only suitable for a small number of orders with high definition requirements; The prepress and remanufacture box of web gravure printing machine can greatly improve the printing clarity, with slightly higher cost and longer production cycle. There are some developments in Europe, the United States, Australia, South Korea and other countries and regions, but they are relatively rare in China

Chen Xianjun, deputy director of the Research Institute of Shaanxi printing machine Co., Ltd., believes that compared with the printing process of printing face paper first and then mounting, direct printing of corrugated board has the advantages of high production efficiency, low material consumption, low production cost, large product specification, wide application range, high carton strength, neat appearance and environmental protection, and is the main process of corrugated box printing. Especially with the continuous development and improvement of corrugated box direct color hierarchical printing technology, the application of corrugated box direct flexographic printing will be more and more widely. In China, the main printing method used to print face paper before mounting is offset printing. Although it is easy to obtain richer printing effects, its processing method has labor-intensive characteristics. It is only widely used in the processing of special-shaped corrugated boxes (boxes), with low production efficiency and poor paper box forming quality. In foreign countries, more than 80% of color cartons are made by direct printing process, while in China, because the color eye tone corrugated box printing technology is still in its infancy, this proportion is much lower, so it is far from enough to make the impact testing machine meet the needs of market development in places with high humidity when running

caozhiming, a senior engineer of Guangdong Zhaoqing Jialong Packaging Machinery Group Co., Ltd., believes that the printing process of printing face paper first and then mounting is more adaptable to paper, which is more applicable to some cartons requiring to print particularly exquisite art decoration effects or special paper boxes with extremely poor water absorption. However, in the process of mounting, the corrugated board will be damaged more or less, and the physical properties such as the compressive strength of the carton will decline, which is not comparable to the corrugated carton directly printed and processed. Using the flexographic direct printing method, all the processes of carton processing can be completed on one machine, which is also divided into domestic configuration and imported configuration. The processed cartons are already formed cartons or cartons, which reduces the cardboard positioning error caused by process conversion. The processing accuracy is high, the production efficiency is high, and the production cost is low. It is definitely the development direction of corrugated carton printing processing

fine selection of equipment consumables

there is no doubt that direct printing on corrugated board is the development direction of corrugated box processing. However, to adapt to the development trend of color and eye tone printing, the reasonable allocation and selection of equipment consumables plays a very important role

at present, domestic corrugated box processing enterprises can be roughly divided into three categories according to the characteristics of the equipment they use: first, some individual carton enterprises have a small business scale, and most of them still use relatively backward single machine manual operation. The equipment is old, the production efficiency is low, and the product quality is low, which is the object of elimination. The second is the leading part of carton backbone enterprises, whose main equipment is domestic advanced equipment, with a high degree of automation and high production efficiency. Third, a small number of powerful sole proprietorship and joint ventures have introduced advanced corrugated board printing slotting machines, die-cutting machines and other equipment from companies such as EMBA in Sweden, Martian in France, Kiel in France and Langston in the United States to form a corrugated box production line, which has a high degree of automation, high production efficiency and high-grade products

Shaanxi printing machine Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise in the packaging and decoration printing machinery manufacturing industry in China. Its leading product, YCW series corrugated board printing slotting machine, has the leading technology in China. It is mainly used for three-color printing or multi-color printing, indentation, slotting, corner cutting, buttonholing, blowhole and other operations of 3-7-layer corrugated board, and has a high market share. Facing the current situation of equipment configuration in the domestic corrugated box industry, deputy director Chen Xianjun believes that to improve the printing quality of domestic corrugated boxes, it needs various efforts, but the first is to carry out strong technical transformation of printing equipment and configure high-level corrugated board printing machines with more than three colors. Corrugated board printing machine with high overprint accuracy, good running stability and reasonable system matching is the primary condition for producing high-quality cartons

Guangdong Zhaoqing Jialong Packaging Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is a designated manufacturer of corrugated box machinery of China Packaging Corporation. According to Cao Ziming, a senior engineer of the factory, its printing slotting machines have formed a series, including: Carton printing machines, printing slotting units, printing die-cutting machine groups, printing slotting die-cutting combined units; In addition, there are veneering machine, die-cutting machine, gluing machine, carton board processing machinery and other supporting equipment. In recent years, some domestic carton printing plants have introduced some printing slotting machines from abroad or Taiwan for the sake of quality and efficiency. However, in order to achieve the rated productivity and processing quality of such equipment, the quality requirements of corrugated board are relatively high, and there are also certain requirements for ink. In fact, many domestic high-quality printing slotting machines, due to the adoption of many new technologies, new processes for pressing wool, textile raw materials and oil pressing, and the use of computer control, not only have high production efficiency, but also because they are closely combined with national conditions in design, they are not only more affordable, but also more adaptable, and should be the first choice for domestic carton enterprises to carry out equipment transformation. At present, the majority of domestic cartons are processed by ordering cartons. However, with the increasingly strict requirements of the packed materials for packaging, it will not allow nails to rust and pollute the contents, especially for goods that need to be refrigerated. Therefore, sticking cartons will be the development direction in the future

in addition to equipment factors, deputy director Chen Xianjun believes that reasonable selection of corrugated rollers, promotion and application of large hole ceramic corrugated rollers, selection of appropriate printing plates and elastic liners and high-quality ink are also essential to improve the printing quality of corrugated boxes

Hongye Equipment Co., Ltd. has done a lot of work in corrugated box supporting materials in recent years. In addition to providing users with various high-quality consumables related to corrugated box printing, such as ceramic roller, long-life roller die-cutting primer, and its components are difficult to separate. The pad is the carton size error equalizer, roller die-cutting knife, plastic doctor blade and metal doctor blade, It also attaches great importance to the accumulation of use experience and the deep development of application technology. Lu Xiangqian, manager of the marketing department of the company, believes that in order to improve the printing quality of corrugated boxes in China, it really needs careful selection and close cooperation in terms of equipment and supporting materials. The corrugation roller has a great impact on the printing quality of cartons. If it is not selected properly, it will often cause faults such as "blocking, pasting, unclear printing, insufficient hue reduction, poor level transition, unclear color, serious dot enlargement, and stripes on color patches". In addition, the cylinder die-cutting quality of cartons also has a great impact on the overall quality of corrugated cartons. Due to the great pressure on the roller knife and the bottom rubber pad during die cutting, it is necessary to try to use the quenched roller knife and the bottom rubber pad with high precision and extreme cutting resistance, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of incomplete die cutting and other phenomena. To solve the problem of carton size instability, the most fundamental method is to eliminate the linear speed difference between the upper and lower rollers. The ideal solution is to configure the carton size error equalizer

Shanghai aokeli Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a supplier of flexo printing and corrugated box printing equipment and equipment. In addition to providing high-quality ceramic corrugated rollers, it also provides a series of corrugated box printing consumables and supporting products such as R/bak air cushion village plate, ink cleaning products, doctor blade, ink tester, densitometer and so on. Mr. GUI Ting, the general manager of the company, said in an interview with this magazine: usually, it is easy to ignore the maintenance of ceramic corrugated rollers after they are configured; Resin thin printing plate is used, but professional lining plate is not used. The purpose of aokeli is to provide some products and technical services for the links that everyone ignores

when talking about the main problems existing in the selection and use of corrugated box printing supporting materials by domestic corrugated box users at present, it can be summarized as follows: the domestic corrugated box market is large, and there are many corrugated box manufacturers, but there are not many manufacturers that can process good products. The important reason for this is that the problem of technology and supporting materials has not been solved in improving the quality of printing processing. No matter what kind of machine is used, if we don't pay attention to its quality and function when selecting supporting materials, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of improving quality. Printing supporting materials play a key role in the whole carton production. If we do not use supporting materials that can improve the printing quality, it is not only a waste of materials themselves, but also a waste of equipment resources. There is a causal relationship between the production input and benefit of products, and the key is to see how to grasp it. The R/bak air cushion liner we now provide for domestic users is a professional printing liner, which has been widely used in the world. Due to its open-ended microporous structure, it will not seal the air inside when compressed, and can provide consistent resilience. Therefore, it can compensate and buffer the printing pressure. When used with thin resin printing plate, it can avoid dot enlargement and field white space in printing. When applied to corrugated board printing machines of different grades, it can significantly improve the printing quality. For line plate and field printing, The effect is more obvious. However, due to its high price, we have encountered the problem of increased cost and whether it is worth investing when we recommend it to users. After our work in recent years, at present, the application of R/bak liner in China has been gradually popularized, and the market response is also good. The main reason is that the effect is obvious after users use it, which improves the printing quality and brings new business. The service life of R/bak gasket is very long, which is relatively long

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