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2011 Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery top ten events

Guide: 1 Sany group was listed in the world's top 500 companies. On July 1, the 2011 ft Global 500 list was released. Sany Heavy industry entered the world for the first time with a market value of US $21.584 billion. However, in fact, not all high-quality experimental boxes are high-quality experimental boxes, ranking 431 among the world's top 500, becoming the first Chinese machinery industry to enter the world 5

1. Sany group was listed in the world's top 500 companies. On July 1, the 2011 ft Global 500 list was released. Sany Heavy Industry was listed in the world's top 500 for the first time with a market value of US $21.584 billion, ranking 431, and became the first enterprise in China's machinery industry to enter the world's top 500. This not only marks the take-off of China's machinery industry in the international community, but also marks that "made in China" will enter the golden age with the development of Sany Heavy Industry

2. Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. won the "outstanding contribution award of China's independent innovation"

on May 19, Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. won the "outstanding contribution award of China's independent innovation" in the Fifth China independent innovation selection event of the 14th China Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Expo, hosted by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Commerce and other units. As the leader of China's piling machinery industry, Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has always cultivated its independent innovation ability as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and its number of patents ranks first in the piling industry. Relying on continuous independent innovation, it leads national enterprises to break through the encirclement, breaks foreign technological monopoly, and sets an example in the industry

3. Sr280ii won the Gold Award for market performance

on March 16, at the award ceremony of "2010 China Construction machinery annual product Top50", Sany sr280ii rotary drilling rig, with high-quality performance and far higher market share and expressiveness than similar products, led China's pile machinery industry to break through, won the "Gold Award for market performance", and became the pile machinery product that won the Top50 highest award for the first time

4. Sany rotary drilling rig ranks first in customer satisfaction in the machinery industry

on September 24, in the 2011 user satisfaction evaluation of the construction machinery industry initiated by the China Quality Association and the national user committee, 8 products such as Sany rotary drilling rig, excavator, on-board pump and mixing plant won the first place. Among them, Sany rotary drilling rig not only ranks first in the piling industry with its high reliable product performance and perfect after-sales service system, It is also the first in terms of customer satisfaction in the whole Chinese machinery industry

5. Remarkable results in brand promotion cast the first brand in the piling industry

on March 11, the spring ordering meeting of "Nankou impression" of Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was held grandly. Sany won 960million yuan of orders at one stroke with high-quality products and original overall solutions in the industry, This activity, together with the national tour of "the world's highest quality piling machinery" and the "Diamond service, eternal value-added" - the 2011 service winter can quickly find the completed experimental data and results according to different conditions. The service brand image press conference has become the focus of 2011 Beijing Sany brand marketing. Dozens of media have followed and reported on it, which has been highly praised by industry experts and customers, and the industry influence has further improved

6. Overseas focused markets have achieved good results

in 2011, Sany rotary drilling rig made a breakthrough in the international market, with a significant increase in sales and a more than twofold increase in sales. This year, Beijing Sany launched the "focus strategy" in the international market. Aiming at India, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, it actively developed agents, sent marketing service personnel to stay, and improved the adaptability of products. The sales of Sany rotary drilling rig in India, Russia, Singapore and Malaysia increased by more than 900% compared with last year. With continuous product innovation and unique after-sales service system, Sany rotary drilling rig has further improved its competitiveness in the international market and is favored by foreign customers

7. Beijing Sany ranked first in the number of patents in the piling industry

in 2011, Beijing Sany continued to strengthen the construction of new capabilities for independent innovation, adhere to innovative process design, stable and reliable quality, and multi-channel optimized marketing model, increased R & D investment, applied for 111 patents, including 53 inventions, 56 utility models, and a total of 322 patents, continuing to lead the industry

8. Gou Zhongwen, vice mayor of Beijing, attended the signing ceremony of Sany shield equipment. On December 23, Beijing Sany signed strategic and sales agreements with Beijing Rail Transit Construction Management Co., Ltd., China Railway Fifth Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China Construction Municipal Corporation and other enterprises. Gou Zhongwen, vice mayor of Beijing, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Through strategic cooperation with Beijing rail construction company, Beijing Sany has jointly developed the first open shield machine in China, which has been applied for major science and technology projects in Beijing. At the same time, the first batch of shield machine sales agreements signed by Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., China Railway Group and China Construction Engineering Corporation not only promote the industrialization process of Sany shield machine, but also create a new model for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and product sales of enterprises

9. The first post doctoral innovation practice base in the piling industry settled in Beijing Sany

in September this year, Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was approved to establish a post doctoral innovation practice base. The introduction of high-end talents will help solve many technical problems and break through the bottleneck of research and development. At present, the base workstation is responsible for overcoming many technical difficulties. Once the research project is successful, the stability of the whole product will be improved by more than 30%. As one of the first batch of innovation practice bases in Beijing, Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will create a set of practical and effective innovation practice mechanism, actively realize industry university research cooperation, and vigorously promote the construction and development of the company's innovation practice workstation

10. The level of process equipment and on-site management has improved significantly. The application of automation technology is mature, and the quality of drill pipes has improved significantly.

Beijing Sany Nankou Industrial Park successfully introduced 8 robots this year, further improving the level of automation technology. The automation rate of drill pipe welding has reached more than 90%, the strength of drill pipe has been increased by more than 30%, the compressive performance of drill pipe has been increased by about 50%, and the service life has been greatly improved. The upgrading of the second-generation drill pipe to the third-generation drill pipe has been successfully completed. The further improvement of drill pipe quality provides a reliable guarantee, especially thin-layer insulation, for the efficient operation of equipment and the improvement of customers' economic benefits

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