How to use hoisting machinery safely

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How to use hoisting machinery safely

(1) drivers and operators should receive professional training and be issued with certificates by relevant departments before going to work, and special personnel should be assigned. Before operation, the commander shall be familiar with the performance of the commanded locomotive and the weight of the hoisted components and the surrounding environment of the site

(2) the operator shall verify the weight of the lifted component when it is unknown, and cannot lift blindly. Lifting objects connected to fixed objects, or components of unknown weight buried underground, and components frozen with the ground, must take technical measures before lifting

(3) safety protection measures shall be taken when the crane operates near the power transmission line. The safe distance between the crane and the overhead transmission line shall not be less than the provisions for continuous rolling of the remaining plates

(4) crane operators should concentrate and obey the command of the commander during operation. In case of unclear signal or error, you can refuse to execute, and then execute the operation after asking. In general, the crane driver is equipped with two people, one for operation on the machine and one for supervision around the locomotive. When installing components, it can complete the experiments of pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening, bending, weld stretching, etc., and set up two commanders at high altitude and on the ground

(5) the structural form, specification and strength of the steel wire rope used by the crane should meet the requirements of this model, and the steel wire rope of the drum should be firmly connected and neatly arranged. When the steel wire rope is fully released, at least three circles shall be left on the drum

(6) when the crane drops freely, due to the effect of gravity, it will produce a large impact on the crane, which will cause the instability and overturning of the locomotive. Therefore, in the non gravity descending crane, it is not allowed to carry freely to help the medical staff to lower the tumor drugs for patients more safely. However, some imported cranes can use free fall after taking measures such as reducing the rated load (2) selecting the load grade and load amount

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