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How to use the generator set under adverse environmental conditions

the use of the generator set under adverse environmental conditions is mainly due to the influence of environmental factors, and some measures and means that must be adopted when working in high altitude plateau areas and cold weather conditions, The following Wuhan Jieli makes a comprehensive introduction to the use methods in various special environments:

environmental factors

use in high altitude plateau areas

engines supporting generator sets, especially naturally aspirated engines. When used in plateau areas, due to thin air, they cannot burn so much fuel as at sea level and lose some power. For naturally aspirated engines, Generally, the power loss is about 3% for every 300m increase in altitude. Therefore, when working on the plateau, lower power should be used to prevent smoking and excessive fuel consumption

work under extreme cold weather conditions

add auxiliary starting equipment (fuel heater, oil heater, jacket heater, etc.) use fuel heater or electric heater to heat the cooling water, fuel and lubricating oil of the cold engine, so that the whole engine can be heated up, so as to start smoothly

when the temperature of the machine room is not lower than 4 ° C, install a coolant heater to maintain the temperature of the engine block above 32 ° C. Install the generator set low temperature alarm

for the generator set that will work under the ambient temperature below - 18 °, it also needs lubricating oil heater, fuel pipe and fuel filter heater to prevent fuel solidification. The oil heater is installed on the engine oil pan. It heats the oil in the oil pan, which is convenient for the diesel engine to start at low temperature

it is recommended to use -10 ~ -35 light diesel oil

heating with intake air preheater

heating the mixture (or air) entering the cylinder with intake air preheater (electric heating preheating or flame preheating), so as to improve the compression end temperature and ignition conditions. At present, the electric heating preheating party has only completed the product development of happy life insurance. The method is to install the glow plug or the preparation of the electric sample in the intake pipe. It should also avoid affecting its impact performance due to work hardening or overheating. The hot wire should directly heat the intake air. It does not consume oxygen in the air, nor pollute the intake air, but it consumes the electric energy of the battery

use low-temperature lubricating oil

use low-temperature lubricating oil to reduce the viscosity of lubricating oil, so as to improve the fluidity of lubricating oil and reduce the internal elongation of liquid. Take 2 significant digits to calculate the friction resistance

use high-energy batteries

use high-energy batteries, such as current nickel hydrogen batteries and nickel cadmium batteries. Pay attention to the heating or heat preservation of the battery. If the temperature of the machine room will fall below 0 ℃, the battery heater should be equipped. To maintain the capacity and output power of the battery

for the generator set working in high tide and humidity, the generator winding and control box should be installed with heaters to prevent short circuit or insulation damage caused by condensation in the generator winding and control box

note: for engines of different uses and models, due to the different requirements for its low-temperature starting performance, the low-temperature starting measures adopted are also different. For the engine with high requirements for low temperature starting performance, in order to ensure its smooth starting at very low temperature, sometimes a variety of measures need to be taken at the same time

install glow plugs

use an appropriate amount of starting fluid to increase the concentration of the mixture ether assisted starting

under the condition of poor cleanliness, it increases the error caused by the unfitness of the mating parts of the mold parts

long-term operation in a dirty environment and dusty environment will damage parts. Accumulated sludge, dirt and dust may wrap the parts, which will make maintenance more difficult. The accumulation will contain corrosive compounds and salts, which will damage parts. Therefore, in order to maintain the longest service life to the greatest extent, the maintenance cycle must be shortened

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