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How to use agricultural machinery in winter

in winter, the weather is cold, the days are short and the nights are long, and it is often windy and snowy. China has successively issued a series of national standards on the safety of plastic materials. Plus, the road is icy and snowy, which brings many difficulties to the use of tractors. If you are careless and use improperly, accidents are easy to happen. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following things when using tractors in winter:

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first, change the fuel and lubricating oil used in winter. Fuel with low freezing point should be used in winter. Diesel with high freezing point is easy to solidify and the engine cannot run. Lubricating oil with high viscosity should not be selected. Poor lubrication will aggravate the wear of machine parts

II. Carefully check and repair electrical equipment and control devices. The tractor needs light for a long time. The electrical equipment must be in good condition. The light must be on. The steering, braking and other control devices of the tractor must be checked and maintained to make them sensitive and reliable. Trailer brakes should also be complete and effective, and there is no safety chain to prevent decoupling and overturning

III. pay attention to heat preservation and antifreeze. The tractor is not well insulated, so they are excited about it, and it is difficult to start, which will also aggravate the wear of the parts. The engine should be equipped with a thermal blanket or thermal curtain. After operation, it is necessary to park in the hangar and drain the cooling water of the engine in time. If the water temperature is too high, it is necessary to drain the water when it drops to 50-60 degrees Celsius. It is easy to explode the machine parts if it is put early. If you forget to drain the water, the machine body, water tank and cylinder head will be frozen and damaged, resulting in major accidents

IV. fire prevention. Gasoline and diesel are inflammables, so you should be especially careful when using them in winter. When making a fire for heating and boiling water, you should stay away from the tractor. Do not put oil drums, oil basins and oil cotton threads around the stove. Don't pile firewood under the engine without burning. Open fire baking car is very easy to cause fire. It should be preheated with hot water, which is safe and reliable

v. pay attention to safe driving. On ice and snow roads, the tractor is difficult to brake, so you should be careful. Don't drive fast. The focus of SEBS foam material should be kept at a sufficient distance from other vehicles and pedestrians. In case of adverse conditions, take precautions as soon as possible, turn the steering wheel slowly, do not turn sharp corners, do not brake quickly, and be careful everywhere, so as to avoid accidents

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