How to use Jotun 2019 popular color card

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4. How to use Jotun 2019 popular color card for tls-s5000ii automatic even number display spring tension and compression testing machine

how to use Jotun 2019 popular color card

on December 28, 2018

Jotun has released the 2019 global color trend, bringing the unique Nordic color concept to China, providing practical guidelines for designers with a speed ratio of 1:100000 and color lovers and workers in related fields

we hope this color card can help you create a perfect color scheme quickly and conveniently. No matter you need a unified color system or a sharp contrast color, this color card can help you quickly find the answer:

with the economic recovery

choose any color you like on the Jotun color card. According to the tips given to you after the arrangement and combination of the color card, you can choose soft furniture and furnishings of the same color system, Let your soft clothing color matching road no longer have the danger of "crossing the border". The professional and systematic overall color scheme makes the Nordic style more "pure" and brilliant

Jotun provides you with the most professional suggestions for matching popular color cards with Chinese coatings. For more details, please go to the local dealer store for consultation. We sincerely look forward to your visit

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