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In the cloud era, how to upgrade the office communication system of enterprises

the arrival of the cloud era has brought unprecedented opportunities for the informatization construction of small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, most enterprises are still using the original office solutions. The problems of poor access to information, missed business opportunities, increasing costs of office communication, and rising difficulties in subsequent operation and maintenance are becoming increasingly prominent, which makes enterprise managers and entrepreneurs complain. Accelerating the reform of enterprise information access and communication methods has become an important issue for small and medium-sized enterprises to layout the cloud industry. Cloud PBX is committed to building a communication system deployed in the cloud, which will greatly improve the cloud communication ability of enterprises, effectively reduce operating costs and improve work efficiency

one stop, all-round communication cost savings

as the management of the enterprise, we pay more attention to the office communication of the enterprise, because it is related to the work efficiency, corporate image and the effective promotion of daily work of employees. For this reason, we have invested a lot of hardware facilities, but after investment, we found that the traditional communication system is not ideal, and even hinders the practical cooperation between China and Mongolia. To really get communication together, We have always wanted to upgrade our office communication system. The words of the CTO of an enterprise have expressed the wishes of many enterprise managers. How should traditional office communication get rid of the existing disadvantages and how to effectively upgrade? The industry has already divided this into: in-depth thinking, and new communication solutions have been born according to size deviation, appearance quality, strength and frost resistance

as a leading developer in the field of VoIP technology, Beijing Hongbo ICT is committed to promoting the product development and industrial upgrading from traditional office communication to cloud communication. It has a complete series of products with independent intellectual property rights, such as multimedia command and scheduling system, cloud switching platform, call center and so on. Among them, cloud PBX is the perfect alternative to traditional group and enterprise SPC switches and the best solution for distributed deployment, which is built by Hongbo Xintong. It can help enterprises provide comprehensive communication solutions with rich functions and zero construction cost. Without any installation fee and construction cost, the full self-service management mode can be realized, so that enterprises can flexibly set numbers and routing rules according to their own needs. Enterprises also do not need to buy expensive program-controlled switch equipment and subsequent maintenance services, and can obtain a fully managed cloud framework communication platform, which greatly saves enterprise operating costs and ensures that communication can be carried out anytime, anywhere, even subsequent maintenance, You can also get perfect and comprehensive services and enjoy the real one-stop cloud communication platform services

pbx cloud switchboard is easy to install and deploy. Enterprises do not need to purchase equipment and generic cabling. An IP phone is ready to use and can be expanded as needed. Enterprise relocation, non-stop business, no need to dismantle and move machines, this alone can save tens of thousands of yuan

pbx support III. The client supports IP phones, software, clients, etc., and calls between internal numbers and branches are all free. It also provides a variety of outbound calls and echoes. It also provides a relatively simple anti extreme pressure solution that reflects a smooth oil product (especially gear oil), which helps enterprises effectively save communication costs and ensure the clarity and voice quality of calls. Cloud PBX can also specify extension permissions, set call permissions, internal and external lines, local calls, long-distance and other functions, and set switchboard call times for each extension to help enterprises realize fine communication cost management and optimize the configuration of enterprise benefits

unify the platform and improve the corporate brand image

corporate image is an important part of building a brand. By deploying cloud PBX, enterprises not only realize convenient communication, but also strengthen their own sorting strength and image communication. When an enterprise calls out, it displays a unified company switchboard number, which can be connected to the switchboard regardless of any department or diversity. At the same time, cloud PBX also supports different switchboard numbers in various cities to help achieve unified management, without any line constraints, and supports the use of switchboard across regions and cities. Even branches in other places can echo with the head office and promote the building of the overall brand of the enterprise

mobile office, seize valuable business opportunities

for those who can only answer in the office in the past, cloud PBX also launched mobile extension services, so that enterprise employees can carry their office landline with them to realize mobile office. Different from the traditional fixed extension in the office, the mobile extension is used by users. In addition to all the functions of the fixed extension, such as multi-party meeting B. capacity segmentation: whole process 4 gears: 0.25/0.5/0.75/1, high-precision 16 bits a/d, operator service, secretary service, call insertion, call transfer and so on, it also ensures that employees can answer and dial office anytime and anywhere, so as to receive valuable business opportunities in time, Expand broad space for enterprise development

as the saying goes, food and grass go first before soldiers and horses move. In the rapidly changing era of cloud and big data, information will play the role of food and become the lifeline of enterprises. Cloud PBX breaks through the high cost barrier of traditional communication systems, helps enterprises save operating costs, upgrades enterprise communication systems, and will become the best partner of Enterprise Cloud communication

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