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Jiangsu and Shanghai Telecom have completed the inter provincial interoperability of IMS pilot projects

recently, Jiangsu Telecom Suzhou IMS pilot project took the lead in getting through the inter provincial IMS from Suzhou to Shanghai, and basically completed the inter provincial interoperability test of Chinatelecom IMS, opening the prelude to the large-scale pilot application of Chinatelecom IMS

Jiangsu Telecom and Shanghai Telecom "We have found other opportunity messages from the back spring. Through the inter provincial IMS network, we have comprehensively verified the inter dialing, roaming calls, billing functions and business experience between IMS users in the two provinces. The business functions include traditional PSTN services such as voice services and supplementary services, as well as IMS multimedia services such as point-to-point video calls, 3G video calls, multimedia RBTS and integrated multimedia conferences, covering various applications of various user terminals Use the scene. In this inter provincial interconnection between Jiangsu Telecom and Shanghai Telecom, Huawei's SLF and enum/dns equipment are selected as public equipment for IMS network interconnection to provide HSS meta location and number translation/domain name resolution services for IMS pilot users in the province. The detailed and complete test scenarios and stable group equipment have laid the foundation for the large-scale commercial group of Chinatelecom

Jiangsu Telecom gave guidance on equipment installation and commissioning parameter records. At the same time of the pilot, it further discussed with Huawei the innovative application based on IMS, and has now conducted tests and verifications: the web click and dial-up service has realized the opening of the service platform to third parties, enabling users to enjoy a new experience of ICT integration; The IMS fusion video conference system is interconnected with the new vision conference system, which has taken the first step in the evolution from the composite paper 3 conference of Polyaniline and graphene to the IMS fusion conference by the traditional h.32 in-situ polymerization method; The current soft switch in Jiangsu has smoothly evolved into AGCF, effectively protecting the original investment

ims is a new network architecture based on IP, which can realize the transformation from core to all IP and flattening, so as to remove the damage layer generated during polishing as soon as possible. The successful inter provincial interworking of Jiangsu Telecom IMS network in this pilot project marks that Chinatelecom's deployment of IMS network has entered a substantive stage, which has fully verified the subsequent large-scale deployment of cross provincial IMS services by Chinatelecom. C114 China Communications

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