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Jiangxi: attach importance to packaging and improve the core competitiveness of agricultural products

"mahuiling" brand watermelon, "Cyclamen" brand edible fungus, "JingYingXue" brand cotton, "Sangli" brand early ripening pear... Nowadays, a number of agricultural products in Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province, relying on their own famous brands, have been competing for a place in the fierce market competition. More and more farmers in Jiujiang county have deeply felt the benefits brought by brand agriculture to them by establishing brand awareness and making a lot of money in the market

the Party committee and government of Jiujiang county actively guide farmers to aim at the market demand space, eliminate inferior varieties, improve the rate of high-quality products in a large area, make "wedding clothes" for agricultural products with "name" and "household registration", and make marketing articles for live agricultural products bigger, so as to make brand agriculture prosper the county and enrich the people. In the process of the new round of industrial restructuring, the county has taken the fruit industry as a pillar industry to develop early ripening pears. At present, the planting area has reached 30000 Mu and the output this year has reached more than 1million kg. In 2002, the county was approved by the Department of agriculture of Jiangxi Province as a pollution-free early ripening pear production base in the province. Faced with the situation that it is impossible for thousands of households to produce qualified plastic parts and the low degree of agricultural organization, Jiujiang County, starting from expanding the fruit industry, took the lead in establishing the fruit industry association of Jiujiang County in the province, aiming to solve the problems of planting technology, supply of means of production and market circulation. The association now has 43 members and 9 directors. They first raised more than 10000 yuan to register the "Sangli" brand trademark for pollution-free early ripening honey pears, and then carefully designed high-grade packaging boxes with 3 layers of paper partitions in the boxes. The boxes are packed with high-quality packaging methods. The cartons are beautiful in appearance, printed with the production address and contact information. Each box contains 40 pears of 10kg. In midsummer, the early ripening honey pears purchased, packaged and sold by the association in the whole county are well shaped and beautiful, with tender and sweet flesh. They appear in large and medium-sized cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhuhai, and are favored by consumers. 100000 kg were sold in just ten days, and fruit farmers' income increased by more than 2000 yuan

thanks to the unique natural conditions such as water quality and soil, the pollution-free vegetables in Yong'an township of Jiujiang county and the pollution-free tea in Minshan township are well known. The township has strengthened technical training for vegetable farmers, popularized advanced equipment such as insect prevention and frequency vibrating moth trap lamps, and established a pollution-free vegetable monitoring network. Now it has officially applied for the registration of "xunlu" brand green vegetable trademark, which is the first registered trademark of pollution-free vegetables in the province. They are also preparing to do cold storage, carry out fine packaging, dehydration processing, make a big fuss in sales and lengthen the industrial chain, which is a very important technical performance for aircraft interior decoration parts; Increase the added value, and make the pollution-free vegetables become the pillar industry of prospering the township and enriching the people. Panxinhua, chairman of Jiangxi Cyclamen biotech Co., Ltd., has been planting mushrooms for more than 20 years since 2017. However, since 1999, the company has successfully registered the "Cyclamen" trademark for a series of mushroom products. The carefully packaged mushrooms have been sold well in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Haikou, Guangzhou and other markets. In October 2002, the "Cyclamen" brand edible mushroom preservation series products were officially identified as the special dishes for the state banquet by diaoyutaistateguesthouse. The company's sales of all kinds of fresh-keeping bacteria have also successfully gone abroad from more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, surfing the markets of Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, France, Japan and other countries, earning more than 800000 yuan of foreign exchange for the country every year, with a total output value of more than 100 million yuan, and driving more than 5500 farmers to become rich

now, with the support of relevant departments, farmers in Jiujiang county have registered trademarks for their agricultural products, paying attention to the quality, packaging, sales and other issues of agricultural products, and improving the popularity and core competitiveness of agricultural products. Functional departments such as industry and Commerce often carry out anti-counterfeiting activities to help safeguard the vital interests of farmers and truly turn registered trademarks into intangible value-added assets of farmers. It is understood that the county has been able to keep the bearings and precision parts clean and in good working conditions. More than 20 kinds of agricultural products have registered trademarks, benefiting more than 100000 farmers. The circulation momentum of agricultural products after the "transformation" is stronger. The commodity rate of agricultural products has reached more than 80%. There are 18 circulation organizations and 30 circulation associations in the county, and more than 10000 farmers have become the main force in the circulation of agricultural products

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