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Last year, the world invested more than 10 billion dollars in tires. According to the latest data published by the world tire business magazine, 2011 was the peak of investment in the world tire industry, and the world's major tire manufacturers invested more than 10 billion dollars in tire production expansion and manufacturing upgrading. As a result, the world tire industry has increased its production capacity by 250000 pieces/day, including more than 10 green tire factories

according to the data of world tire business, the tire investment in 2011 was 6% higher than the $9.6 billion in 2008, the highest year in history. The region with the largest amount of investment is Asia, with a total of 2.9 billion US dollars; The second is North America, with us $2.75 billion; The investment in Europe 1, especially in maritime transportation, is US $0 billion with high humidity, most of which is in Eastern Europe. Other investments are used for tire projects in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East

tire investment has increased the global production capacity of 222000 passenger tires/day, 230000 truck tires/day and about 600 tons/day of off-road tires. At the same time, some tire enterprises were shut down, resulting in a reduction in production capacity of 50000 pieces/day

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Bridgestone of Japan led the tire investment for the second consecutive year, with a total investment of 2.6 billion US dollars, which was used for the construction of 7 tire projects (including 3 green tire factories until the production of sintering). Yokohama, Japan, ranked second with a total investment of US $1.75 billion. Pirelli Italy ranked third with a total investment of US $1.12 billion. Michelin has invested 1billion US dollars

compared with 2010, the investment amount of major tire companies in 2011 increased by double digits, making the investment budget/sales revenue rate increase by more than one percentage point to 7.1%. At least three companies, such as nexen tire company of South Korea, Nokia company of Finland and China Linglong group, doubled their investment in 2011 compared with 2010. Nexen tire's investment budget/sales revenue rate reached a record 23.8%

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