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Jiangbinhong: 12 years of trials and tribulations on "Xichai" road

Guide: from an annual loss of 12million yuan to an annual profit of 60million yuan, FAW Jiefang Xichai has finally walked out of the trough and created brilliance after a hard second venture in the past 12 years. In 2002, the production and sales volume of single series diesel engines of Xichai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. exceeded 150000 units, winning the first place in the world. A successful enterprise is inseparable from

from an annual loss of 12million yuan to an annual profit of 60million yuan, "FAW Jiefang Xichai" has finally walked out of the trough and created brilliance after hard Second Entrepreneurship in the past 12 years. In 2002, the production and sales volume of single series diesel engines of Xichai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. exceeded 150000 units, winning the first place in the world. A successful enterprise can not do without a successful entrepreneur. Similarly, the success of "Xichai" can not do without a factory director, jiangbinhong, who was "forced" to power. When he was appointed in the face of danger 12 years ago, the pragmatic jiangbinhong first considered not his personal gains and losses, but the interests of employees. With this spirit of hard work, jiangbinhong led Xichai people to embark on a road of revitalization of old state-owned enterprises, providing a useful reference for the redevelopment of old state-owned enterprises in China—— Editor

2004 is the year of the monkey. For jiangbinhong, director and party secretary of Wuxi Diesel Engine branch of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd., such a year has some special significance

jiangbinhong is a monkey. In 1992 - the year of his life 12 years ago - he was "forced" to become the director of the Xi'an diesel plant when he was working in the government. At that time, Xichai was at a low point. In 1991, it had just lost 12million yuan. It was a major loss maker in Wuxi City and even the machinery department at that time. No one was willing to be the factory director. Jiangbinhong took office on november28,1991. Two months later, he signed a contract with Wuxi City to turn around the losses in 1992, officially starting his career as commander of Xichai. The fate of jiangbinhong and Xichai was bound together

in a twinkling of an eye, after 12 years, jiangbinhong completed a reincarnation in his life in Xichai. However, today's "FAW liberates Xichai" is far from the tragic Xichai factory in those days

under his leadership, the scale of today's Xichai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is equivalent to that of 20 old factories in that year. The production and sales of diesel engines have increased by 12 times, and the profits for several consecutive years have exceeded 60million yuan, making the original large loss making household become the pacesetter in the machinery industry in Wuxi and the leader in the diesel engine industry in China. In 2002, the production and sales volume of single series diesel engines of Xichai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. exceeded 150000 units, winning the title of No. 1 in the world and winning the honor for domestic diesel engines

looking back at the past 12 years, Jiang Binhong, who is sitting in front of us today, is calm and calm

the director of Xichai factory who was "forced" to take office

"FAW liberated Xichai" was founded in 1943, renamed "Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory" in 1953, and had a glorious period. From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, the enterprise fell into a historical trough because it did not adapt to the competition of market economy, and suffered serious losses in 1991

In 1991, in order to save Xichai, the Organization Department of Wuxi Municipal Party committee decided to transfer jiangbinhong to be the factory director of Xichai. However, jiangbinhong was not happy. He recalled with a smile, "I didn't want to come. At that time, no one wanted to come to Xichai. I also fought with the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee. I said that the municipal Party committee found me, not because of my ability, but because I had no background. Everyone was happy if I did well. If I could not be removed, no one would help me."

however, jiangbinhong's "frankness" and "power" also won the appreciation of the head of the Organization Department of the Wuxi Municipal Party committee at that time. He said: "I haven't had any contact with jiangbinhong before. I found that he has a great mind and a good eloquence." Therefore, the government has increasingly identified jiangbinhong as a suitable candidate

On November 28, 1991, jiangbinhong took office. However, within two months, the higher authorities began to put pressure on him to complete the target of making a profit of 6million yuan in 1992. Jiangbinhong said to: "In 1991, Xichai just lost 12million yuan. I don't know where the products are, where the market is, and where the funds are. I have to consider for the employees. At that time, the annual income of each employee in the financial statements was 290 yuan, but in fact it was only 230 yuan. It was miserable enough. If I was given the task of 6million yuan, the income of the employees would decline. Wouldn't Xichai be over? I firmly disagree. I said that if I turned around the loss that year, the profit would be Zero, I agree, I sign. "

at the insistence of jiangbinhong, Wuxi municipal leaders promised to "turn around losses and make zero profits" at that time. Subsequently, Wuxi held a meeting to sign a letter with jiangbinhong. The Secretary of the municipal Party committee and the mayor all sat on the rostrum. At the moment before signing, jiangbinhong had an extra "eye" and went to read the book in advance. It turned out that it was still a 6million task. "At that time, I took my bag and left. It was useless for them to persuade me. I had to be responsible for my promises to the employees and myself! Later, the leaders changed 6million to zero before I signed."

the next day, Wuxi newspapers gave jiangbinhong some "color" to see. The front page headline carried the news that jiangbinhong was going to turn losses into wins. At this time, jiangbinhong had to fight back. "If he doesn't succeed, he will become benevolent."

at the end of 1992, FAW agreed to let Xichai join FAW Group. It was not easy for Xichai to be accepted by FAW at that time. After negotiating with FAW, jiangbinhong returned to Wuxi and reported to relevant departments, but received no support. The obstinate jiangbinhong said in front of the mayor, "if you don't agree, you have to agree. Otherwise, my factory director will be wrong. I will sell tea eggs and write a sign that says' Wuxi Diesel Engine factory director jiangbinhong sells tea eggs'." At the insistence of jiangbinhong, Xichai was finally incorporated into FAW Group

jiangbinhong recalled this period of history and said that without FAW and "liberation", there would be no Xichai today. If my personality was not there and I missed the opportunity to unite with FAW, I'm afraid the Xichai diesel plant would have been finished long ago

from trough to glory

today, everyone who walks into Xichai has a deep feeling. Where is the depth? First, the mental outlook of employees. Every employee is working conscientiously; The second is that the management of the factory is in good order. After visiting Xichai, the vice president of Volkswagen, the president of Volvo China and the executives of other foreign companies, the first sentence is "I didn't expect such a good factory in China!" The factory area of Xichai is clean and tidy, with a beautiful environment. The wells are fast and slow. Some visitors do not even believe that this is a factory; Here are some ways to reduce the error of the Leeb hardness tester in marking small workpieces: the third is that the products and management level of the factory have been in line with the international standards. After visiting the factory, the customers believe in the product quality. These customers often "shop around" to buy products, but after they entered the factory, they basically took a fancy to the products of the factory

of course, these are only superficial things that can control and alarm the experimental temperature from room temperature to 100 ℃ through relays. More substantive things are invisible to outsiders. Today's face of Xichai was not built up in a day or two. Xichai has a history of 60 years. 60 years have passed in the long river of history, but for Xichai, it has gone through four stages in this process:

the first stage is the hardships of starting a business in 1943

the second stage is the glory of development. The 1960s was the glorious period of Xichai, which was the engine supporting the production of engineering machinery, generator sets and agricultural machinery

the third stage is the wandering of the trough. In the 10 years from 1980 to the end of 1991, Xichai became the largest loss maker in Wuxi and the largest loss maker in the diesel engine industry in China. After liberation, Xichai was the first state-owned enterprise in Wuxi and the first military control enterprise in China. It was also an old factory of the Ministry of machinery industry. Therefore, its losses caused a great shock: the famous Xichai factory became a large loss maker! In the ranking of the national machinery industry, jiangbinhong humorously gave Xichai a nickname, called "n+ No. 1", that is to say, among the 20 enterprises in the national statistics, I was the 21st, which means I was always the last. "The prosperity of the factory and the decline of the factory make me proud", which makes the employees of Xichai bear great pressure

the fourth stage is the resplendence of revitalization. At the end of 1991, jiangbinhong became the director of Xichai diesel factory; In 1992, Xichai started its second business. This year is the year of the monkey, which coincides with the birth year of jiangbinhong. He said: "the real brilliance of Xichai started in the year of the monkey. From 1992 to 2000, this was the second entrepreneurial period. At that time, it was divided into three stages: the first stage took two years to basically turn around; 1993 to 1994 was the stage of accelerated development; 1996 to 2000 was the stage of qualitative leap. It should be said that the second entrepreneurial period of Xichai was basically carried out according to our ideas, and the effect was better than we expected."

"Joining FAW is an important strategic turning point for Xichai from a low point to a brilliant one. Why? The engine is the ultimate product. If it cannot be matched with the whole vehicle, it will not be able to win the batch scale. After Xichai entered FAW, the FAW 'Jiefang' truck just chose Xichai's engine, which is fundamental. With this fixed market, Xichai has a fixed market, and its direction of technological transformation is clear Indeed, we can focus our limited funds on these areas; In addition, with the direction and goal of structural adjustment of Xichai, it will not be possible to "rush to medical treatment". So I think this is the foundation of Xichai's brilliance. "

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