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Jiangxi highway bureau vigorously promotes Yingda's geothermal regeneration technology

Jiangxi highway bureau vigorously promotes Yingda's geothermal regeneration technology

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recently, Jiangxi highway bureau held a provincial asphalt pavement regeneration technology exchange meeting in Yichun, which broke through the development mode of high molecular materials marked by "screw" in the past century. Yingda was invited to participate in and make a key speech at the meeting, The advantages and application of Yingda geothermal regeneration technology are introduced. More than 100 people, including wuminghan, deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Highway Bureau, provincial transportation design and Research Institute, Provincial Transportation Research Institute, Nanchang Institute of engineering, deputy directors and chief engineers of Jiangxi municipal highway bureaus, attended the meeting

the provincial technical exchange meeting of Jiangxi highway bureau vigorously promoted Yingda's geothermal regeneration. At the exchange meeting, Yingda company introduced to all participants that Yingda's "international leading" geothermal regeneration technology and design researchers have combined the advantages of both to create high-strength transparent resin equipment, as well as its extensive application in the maintenance of expressways, national and provincial trunk lines and municipal roads in dozens of provinces and cities across the country

deputy director wuminghan affirmed Yingda's geothermal regeneration technology, and said that vigorously promoting pavement regeneration technology is of great significance to improve the recycling utilization rate of resources, save maintenance funds and costs, improve the efficiency and quality of pavement maintenance, reduce the impact of maintenance on traffic and the environment, and promote the development of roads in the direction of environmental protection, energy conservation, safety and efficiency

as one of the important agenda of the meeting, the leaders attending the meeting observed the construction site of Yingda thermal regeneration in G320, Yichun, Jiangxi Province. The characteristics of Yingda unit, such as fast construction speed, small traffic interference, 100% recycling rate of pavement, excellent construction quality, low-carbon and environmental protection, were highly praised by all leaders

liulinping, deputy chief engineer of Fuzhou Highway Bureau, said that among all the regeneration technologies, geothermal regeneration technology is undoubtedly the most technical and difficult, and Yingda is "internationally leading" in geothermal regeneration technology, with outstanding advantages; In the next five-year plan, the country will focus on improving the highway grade. With the unique advantages of controlling the road surface, Yingda has a very high promotion significance in Jiangxi and even the whole country

it is understood that after the overhaul of Yingda thermal regeneration in Yichun section of G320 in Jiangxi Province, Yingda in Pingxiang section G320 also carried out geothermal regeneration construction in an all-round way. With the convening of the provincial recycling technology exchange meeting of Jiangxi Provincial Highway Bureau and the demonstration construction of key projects, Yingda local 4 Our company has a spare parts warehouse, and the thermal regeneration technology will be widely promoted and applied in Jiangxi

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